See Eminem Making Cameo In Pete Davidson Final Episode

Pete Davidson received a memorable farewell from Eminem after eight seasons on "Saturday Night Live."

He made a surprise appearance in a spoof of his and Dr. Dre's smash "Forgot About Dre" from 1999.

In honour of "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels, Eminem made a cameo in a cut-for-time musical segment.

Davidson performs a rap on the famed producer's achievements in the skit.

Just as Davidson is getting used to his Eminem impersonation,

"You blew it!" Eminem shouts at Davidson, pointing his finger at a figure impersonating Michaels.

Previously, the "SNL" star has appeared in numerous Eminem parodies on the show.

Davidson most recently adapted Eminem's "Stan" into the Santa Claus-themed "Stu," a sketch in which Eminem made a guest appearance.


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