See Inside Of Kourtney And Travis Barker's Wedding

After a lavish engagement in Montecito, a "fake wedding" in Las Vegas, and a court wedding in Santa Barbara,,

Kourtney and Travis completed their wedding festivities with a romantic ceremony in Italy this weekend.

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With the fans getting every update, the romantic couple exchanged vows in a ceremony at..

 the villa owned by Dolce & Gabbana in Portofino, Italy, this Sunday.

Even though the wedding was still in progress, the celebrity couple quickly shared photos from  the event.

Kourtney wore a stunning white mini dress with a cathedral-length dramatic veil, while Travis was wearing a black suit.

Kourtney and Travis can be seen kissing and exchanging vows in their wedding photos. "Happily ever after," Kourtney captioned them.

Travis Barker also posted a photo of the couple kissing during the ceremony with the caption "Happily ever after."



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