See KGF Director Prashanth Neel talking about  the vision  of KGF Initially

after the blockbuster success of kgf chapter 2, director Prashanth Neel is opening about the film.

he recently shared about their vision of kgf and what they expected.

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they started this as a small kannada project but yash, the lead actor had his vision set.

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Prashanth further described yash's vision of kgf of how because of him the film was able to reach big screen.

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the journey of kgf which  took 8 years  gave them confidence about it.

yash was the  only one whose personal and deep rooted vision gave the franchise that stardom.

yash also wrote dialogues for the film as he live through the character of rocky bhai.

"the only person who had this vision was yash. we started this as a small kannada project and today the film is really big and the expectations are very high."

-Prashanth Neel



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