See Selena Gomez And Post Malone Together In SNL

Selena Gomez made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live last night.

Rapper  Post Malone appeared as the evening's  musical guest.

Red Section Separator

Bryant responds to Gomez's announcement of her emcee duties, saying...

"Two pop stars and two comedy actors, huh?"

"I'm also an actor," Gomez responded, and Malone added, "and I'm not really a pop star."

Yang adds, "And I prefer drama," prompting Bryant to retort, "OK, well, I didn't know you were also a bunch of divas." Rude.

Yang then teased: “Selena, first time hosting, you nervous? You got ants in your pants?”

“No, I’m just excited,” she replied.  Bryant and Malone then jokingly mentioned that they spilled jelly and an ant farm on her pants.



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