SEVENTEEN’s DK and Seungkwan test positive for COVID-19

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DK is a member of the boy group SEVENTEEN under "Vocal Team"

Seungkwan is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and entertainer under Pledis Entertainment.

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K-pop boy band Seventeen members DK and Seungkwan have been diagnosed with Covid-19 on March 5

DK preemptively took a PCR test and was confirmed with COVID-19 on the evening of Saturday, March 5.

DK is currently not exhibiting symptoms other than a sore throat and is administering self-treatment at home.

SEUNGKWAN took a rapid antigen test and was tested positive on the morning of Saturday, March 5.

SEUNGKWAN is currently going through body aches and he is having self-treatment at home.

So, as for now It would be difficult for DK and SEUNGKWAN to attend SEVENTEEN's activities for a while.