Shawn Mendes  is Still in Love with Camila Cabello

shawn mendes and camila cabello were together for 2 years then they split up in november 2021.

though they are SEPARATED but their friendship is still the same.

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the singer, shawn mendes also wrote song, 'when you're gone', after a month of their breakup.

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he said he relate to the lyrics and writing that was also kind of healing for him.

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he also pointed out in an interview  that happy relationships always have a fear of ending up.

he said that breakup isn't necessarily bad all the time, it sometimes also remind us how strong we are to handle the choas.

he said that there always gonna be transparency between them and they understand each other better as writers.

camila cabello also called him best friend and she too expressed herself through her song, 'bam bam'.

-shawn mendes

"we're so friendly, i mean i loved camila first for so many years and that's never gonna change."



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