Sherri Papini Case Update

Sherri Papini is a 44 year old, married to keith papini in 2009 and they are parents of 2 children.

on 2 november 2016, Sherri Papini was disappeared while jogging a mile from  her home.

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she then came back after 3 weeks on november 24, 2016, stating that her captors  freed her.

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this case got special media attention because of unlikely  details and inconsistencies.

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then on 3 march 2022, due to the charge of making false statement she was arrested.

as per doj, she framed the story of her kidnapping and also harmed herself to make the story believable.

in these 3 weeks when she was missing, she was reportedly staying with her former boyfriend.

she reportedly received $30000 from the California victim's compensation board.

on 9 march 2022, she was released from the jail with a suit of $120000 bond.

she also admitted that she created this story after 6 weeks of her arrest.



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