Sir Keir Starmer And Angela Rayner Slammed  With Police Questionnaire: But Why?

Police have questioned Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner about the "beergate" event when they shared..

a curry with campaign staff at the time of lockdown.

The leader and Ms. Rayner will give police evidence about the event in Durham, which took place  in April 2021.

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Durham Constabulary initiated an investigation  into the event,  at which approximately 15 campaign  personnel..

ate curry and drank beer following  a day of campaigning.

Sir Keir Starmer  had denied any misconduct, claiming that he and his staff were working on the night in question when..

they paused  to eat something.

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Sir Keir and Ms. Rayner have both offered  to resign if penalized for the incident.



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