SNL: See Selena Gomez Revealing Biggest Secrets

Selena Gomez is a singer, actress, and producer from the United States. Media outlets have labeled her a "triple threat."

Selena Gomez made her Saturday Night Live debut tonight.

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Gomez began her monologue by mentioning that she used to watch the late-night show with her mother every week when she was a kid.

Selena recalled when she told her friend she’d been cast in a show called "Only Murders," the friend said:

 “Mm, that sounds sexy. Any hot co-stars?'”

Selena replied: “And I was like, ‘Depends, Do you love the banjo?”

She went on to say that she's excited to be on the show because she's single and has heard it's "a great place" to find love.

“Since I don’t want to get on the dating apps, I’m putting out into the universe that I’m manifesting love," Selena said.

"I would like to say that I’m looking for my soulmate, but at this point, I will take anyone,” She added. 



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