SNL Sends Farewell To Kate McKinnon

"Saturday Night Live" said goodbye to one of its most cherished cast members at the end of its 47th season.

After ten years on Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon has announced her departure.

The performance began with a cameo of one of McKinnon's most memorable skits, "Close Encounter."

There she recreated her role as Miss Rafferty, an alien abductee who goes through a far different ordeal than the other abductees.

McKinnon then said her farewell from both her character and herself as a celebrity on Saturday Night Live as she stood on the alien spaceship.

"Well, I adore you, Earth. Thank you for allowing me to stay "McKinnon became emotional as She spoke.

The segment was then concluded with the show's iconic slogan, "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!"

In 2012, McKinnon joined the cast of Saturday Night Live during season 37.


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