The Kardashians VS Blac Chyna: Everything you need to Know

blac chyna and rob kardashian dated 3 months then got married and expected a baby.

they eventually split up which result in end of their reality show that documented their experience.

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then chyna filed a lawsuit against kardashians for interfering with her reality show's future.

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the kardashians whom chyna blamed are kris, khloe, kourtney kardashian, kendall jenner and kylie.

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she accused them for using their power and influence over e! network to end 2nd season.

she also claimed rob for not receiving any support for their child then rob tweeted about the expense he paid for their children.

the kardashians denied the allegation then chyna showed a footage of show's 2nd season as an evidence.

every kardashian was present in the first trial on 18 april except rob kardashian.



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