Tiktok Creators Are Warning Others  Not To Go  To Burgess Park

TikTok users are advising others not to go to Burgess Park  in Peckham  on Thursday,  June 2nd...

after a series of videos went viral suggesting the park would be the scene of planned violence.

Red Section Separator

TikTok users said that the purported "postcode war" will be like a "horror film," and people should..

tell their mothers they "love her"  before going  to the park.

One user wrote: "So apparently the Hunger Games are gonna be held at Burgess Park on 2nd of June. Who rolling?"

A feud between  two gangs, and the possibility of armed confrontations and acid attacks, are among the other warnings given by TikTok users.

The source of the rumors of a purported fight is unknown. But the Metropolitan Police Department is aware of the online rumors.

The Southwark Police posted, "Anyone intent  on committing criminal activity will be identified and dealt with appropriately."



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