Time When Angelina Jolie Had  A Crush On Johnny Depp

Angelina Jolie earlier told the Japan Times that she always wanted to collaborate with..

Johnny Depp  in the movie  (The Tourist).

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are two of Hollywood's most well-known actors.

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Angelina Jolie once claimed that she was smitten by Johnny Depp.

Even though they haven't collaborated on many cinematic projects together, they have nothing but..

lovely things  to say about  one another.

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On the other hand, Angelina Jolie boldly admitted to having a strong crush on the actor.

Angelina Jolie's biography describes how she grew up with a willing curiosity about knives and death.

That was the reason she developed feelings for Johnny after seeing him in Edward Scissorhands.

The book mentioned: "Angie was smitten with actor Johnny Depp, who played Edward,,"

"an isolated figure with scissors for hands."

Johnny had also referred to Angelina as a "walking poem" while promoting their movie. He also thinks Angelina is a "perfect beauty." 



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