Travis Barker's House Is Full Of Kourtney's Details

Travis Barker gave a tour of his home to Architectural Digest and it has Kourtney details everywhere

BARKER GAVE tour of his house in Calabasas, Calif, where he...

lives with his three children stepdaughter Atiana, son Landon, and daughter Alabama

Architectural Digest uploaded a 15 minute video on YouTube of Barker house

during the home tour Kourtney also made an appearance

Travis and Kourtney revealed that they tied the knot last weekend

Kardashians was asked in the video "what she was doing as she was seated on the countertop"

Barker spoke to Architectural Digest about how his taste has adapted to reflect his current lifestyle

“I’ve homes with lots of cars, murals, and bikes hanging from the ceiling”...

"But with three children of my own, plus Kourtney’s kids, this place felt right for this moment in my life...

I wanted a house where I can rest and enjoy my family, a place where we can create memories



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