UCL 2022 Finals: See Camila Cabello Performing

Camila Cabello delighted football fans with a glorious performance in the final of the world's biggest football competition.

On Saturday, Camila performed at the opening ceremony of..

the 2022 UEFA Champions League final.

Red Section Separator

The 2022 Champions League final was played between Real Madrid and Liverpool on 28 May 2022 at  Stade de France in Paris.

Camila's carnival-themed performance featured  the wonderful melodies of..

 "Senorita,"  "Bam Bam," and  "Don't Go Yet."

The performance came out naturally for Camila as she grew up watching football with her family. 

She said, “Out of every sport, it’s the only one  I really understand and the one that gets me the most hyped.”



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