Watch Lizzo Host SNL

Lizzo recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and she nailed it for her first time as a host.

she made  history on  the show as..

The First Female "SNL" Host To Introduce Herself As The Musical Guest

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ON THIS WEEK'S EPISODE OF SNL, The Grammy winner acted, sang, rapped, twerked, and played the flute. 

She also had some words of encouragement for the audience:

“When I got the call to host ‘SNL,’ I was pretty nervous, and I know that’s shocking.

“At every show,  I tell my audience  the same thing,  and I’ll tell y’all  too: I love you,”  she added

“You are beautiful, and you can do anything. I’m living proof of that. I used to live in my car, and now I’m here."



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