BY divyansh

What is UK's plan after UK's resignation?

Following months of ethics problems and a party uprising, Boris Johnson resigned as the head of the Conservative Party.

But while a replacement is picked, he continues to serve as prime minister of Britain.

His departure, which occurred after other ministers resigned from his cabinet in opposition, sets off a leadership election inside his party.

Conservative legislators cast their votes in a succession of elimination rounds once candidates have been presented.

Voting continues until there are only two contestants left after the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated.

The entire party membership across the nation, of over 180,000 individuals, will then vote for the final two candidates via postal ballot.

The 1922 Committee, which oversees party elections, will determine the precise schedule, but it is anticipated that the procedure will take several weeks.

Without the necessity for a general election, the victor of the poll will serve as both the Conservative leader and prime minister.