Who Was Chethana Raj?  How  Did She Die?

Chethana Raj was an Indian actor and social media influencer

She acted in popular Kannada TV serials like ‘Geetha’ (2020) ‘Doresaani’ (2021) and also acted in Kannada films 

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BEING A social media influencer SHE USED TO DUB videos and MAKE dance videos on Instagram 

SADLY Kannada serial actress Chethana Raj passed away on 16 May 2022

SHE DIED JUST AT THE age of 21 AT DUE TO complications of fat-free cosmetic surgery 

went to a private hospital in Bengaluru for a fat removal surgery AND DIED BECAUSE OF...

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A case OF medical negligence has been filed against doctors by her parents AND The hospital has been shut

actor's father SAID "Without any precautions, they conducted this surgery." THEY should have DONE THE surgery only if there was a real need for removal of fat.



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