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Who was Oprah Winfrey's father?

The sources claim that Oprah Winfrey's father died on Saturday, July 9, after it was reported by..

Nashville Metropolitan Councilwoman Sharon Hurt.

Vernon Winfrey, Winfrey's father, passed away at the age of 88 after a battle with cancer.

The records indicate that Vernon Winfrey had served in the army before relocating to Nashville in 1955.

After working a few small jobs, sometimes two at once, Vernon Winfrey decided to become a barber in 1964.

According to reports, Vernon Winfrey spent more than 50 years doing hairdressing in his Tennessee salon.

As a result, Vernon was included in the National Barber Museum's Hall of Fame and became a member of the Museum.

Following her sexual assault, Oprah was raised by her father, who was only concerned with her education and well-being.