Who Was Susan Roces? How Did She Die?

Jesusa Purificacion Levy Sonora-Poe known by her stage name Susan Roces was...

a Filipina actress and producer who was called as the "Queen of Philippine Movies"

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Susan Roces starred in more than 130 films and has won many awards

unfortunately Philippine film icon died on 20th of may, 2022

SHE DIED AT THE AGE OF 80 DUE TO heart attack

HER DEATH WAS confirmed in a family statement BY HER DAUGHTER Sen. Grace Poe WHICH SAID...

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 “With great sadness, we announce the loss of our beloved Jesusa Sonora Poe, whom many of you know as Susan Roces"

SHE WAS surrounded by love and warmth, with her daughter Grace, her nephews Joseph and Jeffrey and many of her family and close friends.



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