Why Blac Chyna Brought Kim Kardashian's Leaked Video in Trial?

in the 1st trial of Blac Chyna and the kardashians defamation case...

Blac Chyna came up  with a kim kardashian's Personal tape which was leaked in 2015.

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she took a strong move against them as she wants to prove that the kardashians used thier power and influence to stop the 2nd season of chyna & rob.

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there was an awkward silence in the court when kim's Leaked  trape was mentioned, then...

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the attorney asked the jurors whether they had any strong feeling about reality tv, then...

one juror replied which upset kim that he hadn't watched keeping up with the kardashians but...

he had seen the leaked tape of kim kardashian and he further added that he can't be impartial  on the case.

he then said that he would have trouble being juror as the tape will be replayed in his mind again and again.



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