Why Camila Cabello decided to go for Therapy?

Camila Cabello is a 25 year old american singer and songwriter.

in her recent interview, she talked about her anxiety issues and how it is making things bad.

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she said that the feeling was so bad that she didn't want to go for work.

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it was paralyzing feeling for her and she was ready to do anything to feel better.

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she then decided to go for therapy because there was no other option available for her.

she said that even someone asked her to eat shit out from the ground to feel better, she would have do that.

and in that painful time, she didn't go to work as well as she was waiting to feel better.

-Camila Cabello

"yes, ofcourse, therapy. i never got help until it go so bad that it was like, 'i don't know what else to do. and then you're like, 'you know what' i have no choice."



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