BY divyansh

Why did Rage against the machine slammed the supreme court?

Rock-rap outlaws Rage Against the Machine denounced the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and..

abolish the federal constitution's right to an abortion in their first performance in more than ten years.

On the first stop of their reunion tour, the band members, who have long been recognized for their anti-authority stance and..

the political overtones in their songs, did not deliver impassioned remarks.

A reporter who was there to cover the concert recorded a portion of the performance during which de la Rocha shouted "freedom" repeatedly..

while stats regarding gun violence, Black maternal mortality, and abortion access flashed on the big screen.

"Abort the Supreme Court" was the final sentence, which was short yet obvious. Many people in the audience started cheering.

Rage Against the Machine is known for its anti-establishment music, which denounces racial injustice and wealth disparity.