Why Fan-Casting Don't Work?

What makes a movie an excellent movie other than storyline?  It's the casting of it!


And coming to the Marvel Studios who always keep an eye check on its casting has delivered the best of cinema to viewers

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But there are moments where fans give their advice on whom to cast for next movie and here arises pressure on Marvel's casting team

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Recently, during this week's Marvel podcast, Marvel Studios producer and casting head Sarah Finn has explained why fan casting is bit of a problem them to execute

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- Sarah Finn


I think that it affects us just in terms of always, it's not like we already don't show up wanting to do our best every day and hoping that we're gonna get it right all the time, but I think if anything, we want so badly to make it work, make it fun, make everyone enjoy it, and be successful for the fans. So I think it just adds to that sense of pressure, responsibility, and passion.

Sarah says she has seen fan casting and found them very awesome and really fun to look at and said...

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there is difficulty in doing fan casting as Marvel Studios is running in direction and she really can't talk about it right now

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The recent iconic casting of Sarah Finn can be seen in Ms Marvel on Disney + and Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters

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