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Why is Professor X's sister the perfect X-men antihero, writers revealed

Cassandra Nova, Charles Xavier's twin sister, is  the ideal antihero for the present period of the  X-Men, according to..

Steve Orlando.

Marauders author

Orlando was questioned about Cassandra Nova's involvement in the current Marauders project.

- Steve Orlando


"Cassandra is a fascinating character. She's done unforgivable things, ask anyone. Hell, ask her. But she's also not looking for forgiveness."

Cassandra is unable to perceive any other will but her own. Cassandra no longer cares about anyone else but..

mutants as a result of Jean Grey's interference.

Cassandra Nova, a character created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, made her debut in New X-Men #114 in 2001.

Cassandra, Xavier's twin sister, repeatedly attempted to thwart her brother's efforts to promote tolerance and peace among mutants.