Will  Smith Resigns from the Academy After Smacking Chris Rock During Oscars

the 94th academy award will be remembered by the will smith and chris rock controversy.

the act of will smith smacking chris rock on the stage was controversial.

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the academy also declared that they won't tolerate any kind of violence and they are yet to take action against will smith.

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though there would be possible expulsion or suspension of will smith from academy...

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he himself resign from the oscar academy as he considered his act as shocking, painful and inexcusable.

he said that he had betrayed the trust of academy and deprived other nominees and winners the right to celebrate.

he also added that he wants to put the attention back on the ones that deserve for their creativity and artistry in film.

"change takes time and i am committed to doing the work to ensure that i never again allow violence to overtake reason."

-will smith



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