Will the Oscar taken away from Will Smith for his Unacceptable Action!?

in the 94th academy awards, will smith accepted the oscar for the best actor for 'king richard'.

the oscar 2022 is buzzed because of 2 people and an iconic act of will smith slapping chris rock.

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though will have apologize for the same and chris declined to file the police report...

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still there can be many consequences against the unscripted act of will smith.

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since will smith violated the academy's values, the oscar he is having, might be taken away from him.

the academy also tweeted saying that they does not condone violence of any form.

an insider considered this a assualt and also pointed out that everyone was so shocked and uncomfortable.

-an insider said

"i think will would not want to give his oscar back, but who knows what will happen now."



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