Will Thor  Be Able To Defeat Gorr?

who is gorr the god butcher?

Gorr (the God Butcher) is a Marvel supervillain known for slaying gods, as the name implies.

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Gorr was hardly more powerful than Young Thor, but after killing numerous gods, he became so powerful that..

not even three Thors can beat him.

Gorr was initially successful in combating Thor, defeating and even killing several versions of the Asgardian god.

Thor absorbed the power of the Godbomb and Gorr's Necrosword with the help of Agar's and the remaining gods' prayers from across time and space. 

Thor used the power of the blast to weaken Gorr as Agar called upon his father (the God of Hypocrisy). Gorr was then defeated by the younger Thor.

Who will win the battle in Thor: Love and Thunder? The question will be answered  once the film is released.



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