Willow  Smith  Posts Mysterious Messages After Will Smith's Slap Controversy

it's been a while since the 94th academy awards but none seems to forget what happened at oscar 2022.

apart from the iconic moment of will smith smacking chris rock, there is a lot that happened in context with the controversy.

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recently, will smith's 21 year old daughter, willow smith seems to look at the situation in a different way.

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though she didn't said anything in context of the controversy till now but...

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but now, she seem to give different meaning  to the whole controversy.

on 2 april 2022, she posted, "the meaning of life is found in challenge." and "life is a series of reactions."

her two posts on twitter seems philosophical and can be drawn to his father's controversy.

she didn't post anything after that but the meaning of her statement remains to be unfolded.



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