Zara Phythian And Her Husband Guilty Over Child Molestation Case

Zara Phythian and Victor Marke were found guilty for 14 child Molestation offenses

Zara Phythian and her husband Had intercourse with 13 years old girl

and Victor Marke also MOLESTED a 15 year old girl

zara convicted of 14 charges of Child Molestation between 2005 and 2008 when the girl was 13 years old

victor convicted for same 14 charges in an additional four counts, assault another woman from 2002 to 2003 

they were convicted at the U.K.'s Nottingham Crown Court

victim alleged zara and victor for Child Molestation with her between the age 13 and 15 

victim alleged they gave her alcohol before zara dared her to perform fellatioN on Marke

zara and victor have reportedly opposed all allegations from both plaintiffs

senior investigating officer Parminder Dhillon said "everything in our power to bring perpetrators to justice"



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