Woman In A Veil

Se Rin is an arrogant and cold-hearted woman who looks down on people and does not hesitate to take revenge on whoever stabs her in her back in return. You can watch Woman In A Veil Episodes Online on : Viki


Cast & Crew

Lee Seon-ho

Seo Tae-yang

Shin Go-eun

Jung Gyeo-wool

Lee Eun-Hyung

Jung Young-joon



The story of “Woman in a Veil” follows a female protagonist who is unfortunate enough to suffer from locked-in syndrome and lose her sight as a result of her partner’s infidelity. With the help of a wealthy heiress, she embarks on a quest for justice, revenge, and ultimately, love. Along her journey, she discovers the truth and ultimately finds peace.

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  1. Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale

    Great drama. I liked the suspense throughout the first 3 episodes.

    9.0 rating