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You Season 3: Everything That Has Happened in Previous Installments

‘You’ is a Netflix original series that was first aired on Lifetime in 2018 and now airs on Netflix from Season 2 onwards in 2019. The cast members are Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Shay Mitchell, John Stamos, Ambyr Childers, Victoria Pedretti, James Scully, Jenna Ortega, and Carmen Zumbaldo. Here is the recap for the season 1 & 2 and the latest about ‘You’ Season 3.

Recap of Season 1

Season 1 focused on Joe Goldberg, a young bookstore owner who ends up falling in love with a Grad student named Guinevere Beck, and we later found out that underneath his charming facade is a sociopathic stalker who ends up stalking his new object of affection. He first steals her old phone when Beck buys a new one that synchronizes with her old one. He first finds out about her ex-boyfriend Benji, whom he kidnaps and traps in his basement glass box. He traps him for some time and finding out about his past crime, decides to kill him for good.

Later, he and Beck begin dating, and he is introduced to her friends, but unfortunately, one of them, Peach Salinger, ends up getting suspicious of Joe and doesn’t like him at all. Joe sees Peach as another obstacle as she is also obsessed with Beck like him. He later spies on her at a retreat in her holiday home where she invited Beck and eventually kills her and paints her death as a suicide. Sometime later, Beck sees a therapist, which causes Joe to meet and spy on the same one, and eventually suspects that Beck is cheating on him with the therapist, which eventually causes them to break up. Later, Joe ends updating Karen Minty but eventually dumps her because both he and Beck decided to give their relationship another chance.

But things go south when Beck finds the box of all his possessions of his stalking adventures, and Joe ends up kidnapping her and locking her in the glass box. He tries to convince her that whatever he did was the right thing to do and all of it was for love. Beck hatches a plan to escape by writing a book which implicates her therapist for all the stalking and pretends to understand Joe, but it all fails, and Joe kills her. He publishes her book and frames the therapist for her murder, and Candace shows up alive at his bookstore.

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Recap of Season 2

Joe moves to Los Angeles to get away from Candace and changes his identity and Will Bettelheim by trapping the real one in his newly made glass box at a storage center. There he ends up befriending the journalist Delilah Alves and her sister Ellie. He later applies for a job at an organic store where he ends up falling in love with Love Quinn and goes back to his stalking ways. They both begin dating, and he even befriends her brother Forty. Everything goes well for him until Candace shows up to take him down and expose him for who he is. He even tries to save Ellie from a comedian/sexual predator Henderson, whom he accidentally kills.

Later, finding out from Candace about who he really is, Joe and Love break up. Joe later starts dating Delilah but later gets back together with Love. But soon after, Delilah finds out who Joe really is when she finds the glass box and ends up getting trapped in it. Joe decides to give her a chance to escape, but after a long drug trip with Forty, Joe ends up finding her murdered and tries to find out who killed her. Later, Candace finally catches him in the act and exposes him to Love. But things go wrong when Love reveals her true self and kills Candace.

She reveals to Joe, and she was the one who killed Delilah and tells her about her past where her first murder was an au pair who was abusing Forty and how she began to get obsessed with him. Forty finds out the truth about Joe and tries to kill him for lying to him, but he himself gets killed by the police officer. Joe and a pregnant Love move to the suburbs to start a new life, but Joe ends up getting obsessed with his new neighbor and goes back to his old habits.

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Season 3 release date

You Season 3 will release in 2021 on Netflix. The plot of the season will focus on Joe and Love as they adjust to their new life in suburbia with their child on the way and Joe’s new obsession with his neighbor. Rumors are that the season will be based on the upcoming third novel by Caroline Kepnes.

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