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Black Clover Episode 160: Yuno’s Past and Lineage

Black Clover Episode 160: Yuno's Past and Lineage

Fighting and evading the forces of the Spade Kingdom, the mysterious man has finally arrived in the Clover Kingdom. He arrives in Hage Village and passes out just in front of the church’s door when Sister Lily finds him. Later, the Father arrives to have a look while the man was asleep inside. Till then, Sister Lily had used a recovery spell on him, but his wounds were too deep. They think that the man must have been running from bandits in the forest, during which he may have been attacked. They wait for the man to wake up as depending on the situation, they may need to contact the Magic Knights. This article will provide a preview of Black Clover Episode 160.

Black Clover Episode 159 Recap

Rest and Recovery

Black Clover Episode titled “Quite Lakes and Forest Shadows” follows after the events of the last episode. The Magic Knights have returned back to the Heart Kingdom after saving the people stuck in the Candelo. Lolopechka praises them as their efforts helped secure the Town of Tolon. While the people from the town were recovering, the town is being kept secure as Lolopechka sent Noelle to place one of Undine’s clones there to conduct surveillance and provide a barrier. As she has been cursed by the devil, she can now detect devil magic. Now, they must recover and keep fighting to gain more territory. Noelle thinks that Lolopechka makes this sound easy, but with her insane powers, it is possible.

The Magic Knights return after stopping Candelo and securing Tolon

While Leopold and Luck plan to train with Gaja, the girls plan to take a bath together. Hearing this, Finral gets excited but is soon threatened by Noelle not to have any weird fantasies. Just then, a Heart Kingdom citizen comes in reporting a sighting of a “Wild Charmy” in the Polnfrume Forest. She was eating up all the fruits present in the Kingdom and must be put to stop. She had taken too much liking to the Heart Kingdom’s fruits, which were tasty due to the pure water. Thinking Finral must be tired, Asta insists on going to stop her. Summoning the demon-slayer sword, he flies away on it while Finral is left praising his growth.

The Bath

As they had planned, Noelle, Mimosa, Secre, Lolopechka, along Undine arrive to take a bath at Elmora Lake. Elmora Lake is a secret hot spring filled with pure mana. As they take a bath, the Lolopechka asks who out of the girls was dating Asta. Mimosa gets flustered while not denying that she is open to it. Secre reveals that she only spends so much time with him as his hair is good to nest on. While Noelle being a tsundere, denies it. Noelle and Mimosa ask Lolopechka about her situation with Gaja as they seem very close. But she simply denies that no such feelings exist between her and Gaja.

Noelle, Mimosa, Secre, Lolopechka, along with Undine arrive to take a bath at Elmora Lake.

During the bath, Lolopechka reveals her gratitude for the people of Clover Kingdom being so nice. Mimosa also is glad how the people of Heart Kingdom were so nice to them. Noelle mentions how scared she was when they were surprisingly tested to check their Mana Tiers. She is glad that in their fight against the devil, they have Lolopechka, who they can trust. Lolopechka says that considering how clumsy she is, she tries to be a proper queen in front of the citizens. But as she is not good at it, she is glad to have friends she can be honest with. As the rest start to gaze at her grace, Lolopechka being clumsy, slips off a rock.

A Wild Charmy Appears!!

As Asta reaches the Polnfrume Forest, he sees a very fat Charmy surrounded by fruits. Asta asks her to stop as she had gained a lot of weight. Seeing this as a threat, Charmy declares, “We don’t eat to live. We live to eat”. And she makes use of the Mana Method to create a giant sheep threatening to run people over who tried to stop her. The people of Heart Kingdom are scared of seeing Charmy attack as they feel they won’t have any food left by night. That’s when we get a glimpse of Potrof, who overlooked Charmy’s training. During the training, Charmy arrives at the conclusion that the Mana method makes recipes, dishes they create are magic. So to learn Mana Method, she must eat food. He supported her, but she fell in love with the food and is now at the top of the food chain.

Charmy makes use of the Mana Method to create a Giant Sheep.

Potrof being her teacher, believes it’s his duty to stop her and tries to restrain her but is unsuccessful. Even Asta joins him as he tries to cut and pierce the sheep with his swords but also fails. That’s when Rill arrives on the scene. As he had trained with Charmy, he cannot let her rampage continue. So he makes use of Picture Magic: Invasion of Heat-Infused Ice to freeze Charmy’s sheep, which Asta and Rill break, attacking it together. Charmy being defeated, the citizens rejoice with cheers.

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Rill and Charmy

As Charmy had been subdued using Potrof vines, Rill tries to talk some sense into her. He tells her that overeating was bad for her, but Charmy insists that she couldn’t resist Heart Kingdom’s fruits. Asta praises Rill as his magic had become stronger than ever before. Rill tells him how he found the training in Heart Kingdom super fun. But thinking of someone made him derive more inspiration and need to create.

Rill paints the picture of his so-called Goddess.

He paints the picture of the person who saved him when he was possessed by the Elf. He thinks that she is his soulmate and wants to become a strong and worthy man and captain for her. Seeing the painting, Asta realizes that the so-called Goddess was Charmy and points it out to Rill. But he denies it, saying that she wasn’t that fat. Charmy, while chomping on an apple, insists that she wasn’t fat but pleasantly plump. Asta asks her if she thinks anything except for eating, to which Charmy starts imagining what Yuno would be doing.

Yuno and the Spade Kingdom

Yuno, now promoted to Vice-Captaincy of the Golden Dawn, heads to a mission when he is interrupted by a Brigade member. He is notified of a message for him from Hage Village. After getting the message, Yuno heads to Hage Village.

When he reaches, Sister Lily welcomes him home and apologizes for disturbing him. As it was an urgent matter, she asks him to come in. As Yuno enters the room, the man from the Spade Kingdom exclaims. He mutters that Yuno was the spitting image of one Lord Ciel, and he even had the necklace. Sister Lily tells Yuno that the man was from the Spade Kingdom, which makes Bell anxious. The man immediately declares that he wasn’t his enemy. Originally the Spade Kingdom was a peaceful nation. It was bitterly cold, but everyone was happy under the rule of the Grinberryall. But one day, the Dark Triad appeared in the Kingdom and exiled them. Ever since, the people lived in fear, and Yuno was their hope as he belonged to the house of Grinberryall. Which meant that Yuno was the Prince of the Spade Kingdom.

Black Clover Episode 160: Yuno's Past and Lineage

Yuno, the Prince of the Spade Kingdom?

When will Episode 160 come out?

The next episode of Black Clover, titled “The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom,” will air on January 19, 2021, at 8:25 AM JST. Black Clover releases its new episode every Tuesday. Make sure to convert the above time to your local time zone to watch the episode as soon as it is aired. The episodes are available on major platforms such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix.

Black Clover Episode 160 Spoilers

Black Clover Episode 160 titled “The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom” will look into Yuno and his connection to the Spade Kingdom. Yuno, still not able to believe that he was the Prince of Spade Kingdom, questions him, but he is serious. We will get to see Yuno’s past and what circumstances led him to be left at Hage Village. And we may even see a glimpse of the Dark Triad from the past as they terrorize the Spade Kingdom. We are even to learn of Yuno’s lineage and may see his mom and dad. And the connection his necklace has with his past.

As we had seen previously, the Dark Triad had finally decided to make their presence known so we might see them attack the Spade Kingdom. Judging from the preview of the episode, we will first get a glimpse of Zenon’s powers.

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