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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Preview and Recap

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6: The War Hammer Titan Appears!

The episode starts with a glimpse from the past as Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie walk on Paradis Island. Bertholdt still keeps having the dream regarding the man who hung himself. Before he died, he had told them about the time when Titans first breached the wall. On seeing the Titans, he rode on his horse leaving his three kids behind. Wondering why the man told them this story, Annie suggests maybe he was looking for forgiveness from someone. But considering how they left Marcel, they are the last ones to have an opinion on this. Bertholdt feels maybe the man wanted to be judged by someone. That’s when we shift back to the present, where Falco had brought Reiner to Eren thinking they were friends and now it was time for Reiner to get his judgment from Eren. This article will cover Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

The Episode titled “Declaration of War” begins with the final preparations for the stage performance taking place. Willy Tybur gets himself ready while the warriors start getting antsy to see how many people had come to Liberio to see the performance. That’s when a soldier comes in informing them, that they had been summoned by Commander Theo Magath.

Reiner meets Eren

During this, Eren asks Reiner to sit down as he had good seats for them from where everything was audible. They were located just behind the stage in a housing building where there were people directly above them. Falco notices that Kruger’s palm was bleeding to which Eren replies that it was just a scratch. Reiner realizes that Eren was threatening to kill the people in the building if his instructions were not followed. To avoid casualties, Reiner sits down. Just then Falco was about to leave when Eren asks him to stay and listen. Reiner asks Falco to do so too and asks Eren how and why was he was in Marley. Eren says that he was there for the same reason as Reiner as he had no other choice. Reiner starts trembling when the show starts and Eren asks him to listen.

The History of the Eldian Empire

As the performance begins, Willy Tybur narrates the story of Eldians as the world knew. Roughly 100 years ago, Eldian Empire ruled the world with the power of the Titans. From the rise of the founder of Ymir, Titans have robbed enough lives to eradicate humanity three times over. People and histories were wiped and stolen away as the Eldian Empire’s path of slaughter became humanity’s history. And when Eldians ran out of enemies, they soon began slaughtering one another. The Great Titan War had begun between the families holding the eight titans. Seeing this as an opportunity, one Marleyan by the name of Helos tricked the families into killing each other.

And then he joined hands with Tyburs to force the unbeatable King Fritz to flee to an island. Still having the powers of the Founding Titan, he could trample the world. So, to eliminate the threat, four warriors were sent to retrieve the Founding Titan. Out of which, only the Armoured came back alive leaving the darkest blot in Eldian history alive and well. Eren asks Reiner as to wasn’t that why he destroyed the wall – to try, save the world.

Warrior Incapacitation

Pieck asks the soldier where is he from

As the soldier guides the Warriors to Magath, Pieck feels like she had seen the guys from somewhere. On asking, the soldier says that he was from out west by Lakua and had been called there. On their way, Pieck sees the panzer unit and gives one of them a hug to maintain a bond with them. But instead causes a rift between the unit members as others seem jealous. As Porco and Pieck are taken into a room, Magath is nowhere to be seen. That’s when the soldier cuts a rope opening a pit beneath the two, into which both of them fall. Later, the Commander is informed about the missing warriors and soldiers so, he sends a force to track them down. Meanwhile, Pieck and Porco heal themselves using their abilities and realize that they won’t be able to get out of the pit.

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The Truth

As his family had been passed down the War Hammer Titan, Willy had inherited their memories too and starts to reveal the truth for the first time. 100 years ago, it was neither Helos nor the Tyburs that ended the Great Titan War, but it was King Fritz. He was anguished over Eldian’s vicious victory, endless infighting, and oppression of Marley. So having inherited the Founding Titan, he schemed with Tyburs to fabricate a Marleyan Hero. After which he moved as many Eldians to an island. He claimed if he were to be threatened, he would unleash thousands of Titans as revenge. But it was never his intention as he had made a vow renouncing war so his ideology would be inherited as well. Even though Karl Fritz desired peace, he would accept a Marleyan attack as he believed the sins of Eldians could never be atoned for.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6: The War Hammer Titan Appears!

Karl Fritz’s vow renouncing War

And until that day was to arrive, he wanted to savor peace in his Paradise. In exchange for safety, Tyburs and Fritz sold out Eldians to the Marley and were no more than traitors lavishing in crookedly earned the honor. But Willy stood in front of him as the world was in great peril. Fritz using his power of Founding Titan, erected three walls formed by tens of millions of Colossal Titans on the island. This served as a shield and spear safeguarding peace. But an uprising on the island caused the Founding Titan to be stolen. This lead to another threat to the world by the name of Eren Jaeger. Even though the vow renouncing war prevents the king’s bloodline to fully use Founding Titan. Now, Eren Jaeger possesses the Founding Titan so the rumbling can begin at any moment and the World will be trampled.


Falco starts wondering why Vice Chief Braun was so scared and who Mr. Kruger is to him. A thought arises in his head that if this friend was from 4 years before, that would mean he is from Paradis. Then Eren restores his arm and feet which stuns Falco as he was tricked into believing him. Eren apologizes to him when Falco enquires about the letters he had sent. They weren’t to his family but his comrades, meaning Falco was tricked into helping the enemy forces. Eren explains how both sides looked at others as the enemy. For Eren, Marleyans were enemies as they invaded their hometown and had to make him see his mother get eaten. While for Marleyans, Founding Titan was a threat so to try and retrieve it meant saving the world.

He used to see everyone on the other side of the sea as enemies. But after he crossed the sea, lived under the same roof, and ate the same food he realized that they were the same. Marleyans from their childhood were taught that everyone within the walls was a devil. As they were children, it was drilled into them, and could do nothing about it.  Reiner finally gives in as claims Eren was wrong and after Marvel’s death, he had persuaded others to breach the wall because he wanted to be a hero. And it’s his fault that Eren’s mom died and asks Eren to kill him.

Declaration of War

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6: The War Hammer Titan Appears!

Eren transforming into Attack Titan

Willy Tybur used to curse his blood and wanted Eldians to be wiped out. But himself being an Eldian, he didn’t wish to die. He asks people to join hands and lend them their strength as they face this dreadful enemy. He asks them to join him in the fight against the devils of Paradis. And proclaimed to the enemy forces of Paradis island- a Declaration of War. At the same time as the soldiers charge in, Eren helps Reiner up saying that they were the same and were born this way. This acts as a throwback to the past when Reiner helped Eren up. Eren himself makes his declaration of War as he claims he will keep moving forward until he destroys his enemies. And he transforms into the Attack Titan demolishing the entire building after which he grabs Willy and tosses him up.

When will Episode 6 air?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 titled “The War Hammer Titan” will release on January 18, 2021, at 3:45, am EST. Make sure to convert the above time to your local time zone to watch the latest episode as soon as it is aired. The episodes are available on major platforms such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Preview

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6: The War Hammer Titan Appears!

Eren transforms into Attack Titan and tosses Willy Tyber.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 titled “The War Hammer Titan” will follow up on Eren as he transforms into the Attack Titan. He just demolished a building full of people and tossed Willy Tyber up. Amid all this, many people from the crowd get slaughtered. During this Pieck and Porco finally able to get out of the pit. We will see, how they do so and who the people who led the warriors away were. The Tyburs were the family having the War Hammer Titan. So, to stop Eren’s rampage, the War Hammer Titan finally appears to swing. In this episode, we might even see a glimpse of Eren’s comrades as he had contacted them. And this could be a planned assault against Marley. So, there’s even a possibility that we may catch a glimpse of Levi and the crew.

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