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American Gods Season 3 Episode 2: Preview & Recap

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American Gods is a fantasy drama series that is based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel of the same name. The first season premiered in 2017, the second season premiered in 2019, while the third season is currently airing, released in 2021. Shadow Moon is living a new life and has adopted a new name, “Mike Ainsel,” and now has a head full of hair and has a new job at a Steel Casting and Machinery company. His co-workers seemed to like him, and even his boss has given him a promotion. But the new job requires background checks, and Shadow fears that his real identity will be exposed. Here we have the recap for the previous episodes and the preview for the American Gods Season 3 Episode 2.

What happened in Episode 1?

Meanwhile, his wife, Laura Moon, visits Maman Brigitte and learns that Baron Samedi has left town. Laura is trying to find a way to bring back Mad Sweeney from the dead. Despite the fact that she claims that she wants to obtain something from the horde to get revenge on Wednesday, she seems to like the leprechaun genuinely. But Maman says that it isn’t easy to resurrect a god-like before. Though she can’t help Laura, she says that Mad Sweeney’s body is in good shape. Laura gets busy trying to get Mad Sweeney’s body out and retrieves Sweeney’s coin. But unfortunately, the resurrection fails when her body disintegrates.

Wednesday visits Shadow and reminds him that he was supposed to visit Lakeside, but Shadow reminds him that he is no longer his man and warns him to stay away as he is done with his mind games.

Meanwhile, Mr. World organizes a meeting in the conference room and appears as Ms. World, and the minions are satisfied with his appearance. Ms. World isn’t unhappy about the social media response to her team, which was to make sure that her new project trends all over social media as the video of Odin crowd surfing is popular. Ms. World wants her team to pay attention to her, not Odin. Technical Boy shows up at the meeting and doesn’t like Ms. World’s new look. Ms. World calls him out for all the wrong things he has done, but Technical Boy tells her that he is taking it slow with Bilquis but remains optimistic that she will come to their side. Ms. World decides that she will take down Wednesday in order for her project to succeed.

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Shadow goes back home and sees that there are cops in front of his door, and Wednesday is parked nearby. Shadow asks him whether he is truly his father, and Wednesday talks about his relationship with Shadow’s mom, saying that it was a mistake because she was too young. He loved her, but he didn’t follow her when she left America.

Wednesday later talks about the New Gods and how they can be parasites and that they are both dangerous and powerful. Later, they both reach Lakeside and continue to discuss the New Gods and more about Shadow’s paternity.

Later, Shadow returns home and is approached by an intruder.

When will American Gods Season 3 Episode 2 release?

Episode 2 will release on January 17th, 2021, and will focus on Shadow trying to find out more about his paternity and life. All the episodes are now available on Prime Video.

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