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Ghost Recon Frontline: Release Date, Gameplay, Equipments & Maps

ghost recon frontline
Ghost Recon Frontline

Ghost Recon Frontline, a new battle royale game built in the Ghost Recon universe, was one of the biggest surprises at the 20th Anniversary Showcase. For the past three years, Ubisoft Bucharest has been quietly working on Ghost Recon Frontline, improving many of the game’s mechanics while aiming to keep the franchise’s core. This new game will have an innovative class structure that will allow players to team up with individuals from all over the world while having fun and bringing their tactical strategies to the field. Every class will have an “active” skill, three passives, and two tactical gadgets that define the class’s principal function. To adjust to the mission’s speed, players will be able to switch classes in the middle of a battle.

Players will also be able to use “tactical reinforcements,” which are similar to killstreaks in that they provide players access to gadgets like automatic turrets, smoke screen drones, and enormous barrels, allowing them to outsmart opponent teams and win every battle.

 Ghost Recon Frontline Release Date

On OCTOBER 14, 2021, the first Closed Test will commence solely in Europe. It will be on display until October 21. No North American tests or betas have been confirmed yet, but as part of the game’s anniversary celebrations, we might have a chance to play it early next year.

The release date for Ghost Recon Frontline is currently unknown. Instead, Ghost Recon Frontline will be released in a closed beta, similar to Tom Clancy’s XDefiant before it.

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 Ghost Recon Frontline Gameplay

So, we know Ghost Recon Frontline is a multiplayer first-person shooter with varied objectives, but what exactly does it entail? The first press release mentions players “gathering intel” before extraction, which is our biggest indication.

That sounds like you’ll have to go to specified zones and turn on a device. After activation, there’s a considerable chance you’ll have to defend it for a while, as other players will be aware of your presence. The trailers show a player controlling a drone with a tablet and a bar that slowly fills up as his colleagues defend the region.

ghost recon frontline

Ghost Recon Frontline

The map may be massive, but with over 100 people expected to arrive, there’s a considerable possibility someone will be lurking nearby, seeking trouble.

What we don’t know is how many squads can extract in a single match, if there is a time restriction, and what happens if you die. If you are shot enough times, you will be knocked out, allowing a teammate to resuscitate you if you aren’t dead yet. The more time deceased teammates must wait for their friends to finish a round, the larger and longer the game becomes. As a result, Ghost Recon Frontline will likely contain a respawn system.

Equipment and Maps

Frontline, unlike the previous Ghost Recon games, is entirely played from the first-person perspective. While we’ve only seen a small portion of the game, Ubisoft has given us a few hints about what to expect.

Ghost Recon Frontline takes place on Drakemoor Island, a terrain with “diverse settings” and numerous zones, including “high mountains” and “ruthless dry areas.” In addition, the game promises an “ever-changing” weather system that would compel players to modify their playstyle.

ghost recon frontline

Ghost Recon Frontline

We get a quick look at the map at the end of the reveal video, which displays a lot of named regions, including Lumber Yard, Quarry, Brewery, Hot Springs, and Comm Station. We’ll take the hot springs, thank you. One zone is labeled “Hazard Zone,” which could indicate that specific sectors would be made more dangerous to occupy, similar to how the red-zone bombardments in PUBG are made more dangerous to occupy.

Before battles, you’ll be able to tinker with and set up a class system in Ghost Recon Frontline. We’re not sure if these classes will affect the available equipment or just the weapons.

Expect a lot of tactical equipment — the official site features deployable turrets, drones, and barricades, and the trailer also shows a grenade that reveals adversary silhouettes. You’ll be able to summon help from the sky via a laser pointer, with materials such as walls and equipment parachuting into the map. Screenshots also show airdropped vehicles, indicating that you won’t have to walk to each objective. We’ll likely save this gear until the last extraction phase to prepare your defenses.

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