Biden Proposes $8 Billion to Recruit Corps of Climate-Fighting Workers

Credits: San Diego Union-Tribune

President Joe Biden is requesting $8 billion from Congress to fund a New Deal-inspired jobs program aimed at fighting climate change across the United States.

The proposal, included in the president’s budget released on Monday, aims to hire hundreds of thousands of workers over the next decade to bolster the American Climate Corps program.

Biden (Credits:

The funding would support hiring 50,000 new workers annually by 2031, tripling the current workforce in the American Climate Corps. This expansion aligns with Biden’s commitment, outlined in his recent State of the Union address, to significantly increase the program’s capacity.

The American Climate Corps program, supported by Democratic lawmakers Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey, is inspired by the Green New Deal.

It focuses on creating job opportunities in the green economy, such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and environmental conservation.

Biden (Credits: ABC27)

The program’s goals include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, advancing clean energy technologies, and promoting environmental justice.

By investing in a skilled workforce dedicated to combating climate change, the program aims to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time while creating economic opportunities for American workers.

The proposed $8 billion funding request underscores the Biden administration’s commitment to tackling climate change through job creation and environmental stewardship.

If Congress approves, the funding would support the expansion of the American Climate Corps and contribute to the administration’s broader climate agenda.

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