Emma Hemming Willis Shares Video Depicting Bruce Willis’ Life After Diagnosis, Emphasizing Joy

Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

Emma Hemming Willis, the wife of Bruce Willis, recently took to Instagram to share a message about her husband’s life following his diagnosis with primary progressive aphasia. In response to a headline claiming there was no more joy in Bruce’s life, Emma emphasized that this was far from the truth.

She expressed frustration at the portrayal of his condition, emphasizing that life with a neurocognitive disease is not over and that there is still much joy, love, and connection in their lives.

Primary progressive aphasia is a condition that affects language and communication skills, making it challenging for patients to understand language and express themselves.

Bruce Willis (Credits: Deadline)

Bruce Willis was also diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, which affects the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, impacting personality, behavior, and language.

Emma highlighted the need to dispel the misconception that life is over after such a diagnosis. She emphasized that while they are dealing with grief and sadness, they are also entering a new chapter filled with love, connection, and happiness.

She stressed that it is harmful to portray dementia as solely dark and scary, as there is also beauty in the journey. Emma’s videos on Instagram have been a way for her to raise awareness about Bruce’s condition and advocate for understanding and empathy from the public.

She has also addressed paparazzi and fans, asking for space and respect as they navigate this new chapter in their lives. Bruce Willis, known for his acting career, announced he was stepping away from acting following his diagnosis.

Emma’s messages have shed light on their family’s journey and the importance of support and understanding for those living with neurocognitive diseases.

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