Former SDSU President Dr. Stephen L. Weber Passes Away at 82

Stephen L. Weber (Credits:

University President Adela de la Torre announced that Dr. Stephen L. Weber, who served as the president of San Diego State University (SDSU) from 1996 to 2011, has passed away.

Weber, who battled amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) since his diagnosis in October 2021, passed away at his home in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Sunday, coincidentally his 82nd birthday.

In a statement released Monday, President de la Torre expressed profound sadness over Weber’s passing, describing him as a beloved figure who garnered immense respect within SDSU and beyond.

Stephen L. Weber (Credits: San Diego Union-Tribune)

She highlighted Weber’s enduring commitment to the university, even after stepping down as president, emphasizing his dedication to the welfare and success of faculty, staff, and students.

According to de la Torre, Weber’s legacy is linked to SDSU’s progress and achievements. He played a pivotal role in expanding educational opportunities and fostering economic development, which he believed were crucial for societal advancement.

During his tenure, SDSU witnessed significant strides in student success, including improved academic standings and graduation rates surpassing national averages.

Weber’s leadership also catalyzed community engagement, notably through The Campaign for SDSU, a fundraising initiative that raised $800 million to support the university’s endeavors.

His efforts led to enhancing local partnerships, diversifying student enrollments and fostering a more inclusive campus environment.

Stephen L. Weber (Credits: San Diego Union-Tribune)

Under Weber’s guidance, SDSU experienced unprecedented growth, marked by the construction of new facilities such as the Arts and Letters Building, the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, and the Donald P. Shiley Bioscience Center.

He oversaw substantial achievements in intercollegiate athletics, including notable victories in football and men’s basketball.

Reflecting on his tenure, Weber expressed pride in SDSU’s accomplishments and lauded the dedication of his colleagues, who shared his vision for the university’s advancement.

He established the President Stephen Weber Fund for Excellence, which ensures ongoing support for faculty within the College of Arts and Letters. This underscores his enduring commitment to academic excellence.

Weber’s profound impact on SDSU will be remembered fondly by all those whose lives he touched. As the university continues to evolve and thrive, his legacy will endure as a testament to his unwavering dedication and visionary leadership.

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