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“Let’s Make a Mug Cup” Episode 8 Kappa to Ryugu Castle ⁉︎ Hot and hot summer in Tajimi

The scene cut and synopsis of the 8th episode of the anime + live-action “Let’s Make a Mug Cup”, which has been on air since April 2, 2021, has arrived.

“Let’s Make a Mug Cup” is a youth story set in Tajimi City, located in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture, where four high school girls are absorbed in the charm of ceramic art under the theme of the traditional craft “Mino ware”.
In 2010, volunteers and companies from Tajimi City gathered as part of a project called “Let’s make the city healthy”, and the free comic “Yakunara Mug Cup” published by the local IT company Planet from 2012 became the original. There is.
The original is currently published up to 33 volumes, and continues to be serialized with the support of the locals along with the extra edition of the four-frame “Naoko no Kobachi”.

This work consists of two parts, the first half 15 minutes of the 30-minute program is the normal animation part, and the second half 15 minutes is the live-action part. The live-action part will be “Let’s Make a Mug Cup-Yakumono After School-“, and Minami Tanaka, Yu Serizawa, Yuki Wakai, and Rina Honnizumi, who are in charge of the voices of the four main characters, will jump out of the animation and become the stage of this work. Introduce and experience Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture in a fashionable way.

Episode 8 will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS11, etc. from May 24th (Monday) (previously broadcast on CBC).
Click here for the synopsis and preceding cuts!

<Anime Part 8 “Kukri of the Mysterious River”> The
hot and hot summer of Tajimi has arrived, and Himeno, Sanka, Naoko, and Toko are having a great time picking eels in the river! Then, a kappa suddenly appeared in front of the four people and decided to head for Ryugu Castle together. That person was in Ryugu Castle when he was a high school girl …

Screenplay: Arakawa Toshihisa / Conte: Jun Kamiya / Director: Maeda Kaorutaira / Saku監: Ayano Yoshioka, Yuki Nakano

<live-action part episode 8 “# 8″>
Hime乃is surprised of the large pottery Kappa, natural ice Shaved ice, sparklers. Enjoy the hot summer of Tajimi in a yukata.

Composition: Masamune Ma / Director: Yuji Shimizu / Director: Hiroki Abe

CBC TV: April 2 (gold) than every Friday 24: 55 ~: 25: 25
BS11: Every Monday from April 5th (Monday) 23: 00-23: 30
TOKYO MX: Every Monday from April 5th (Monday) 22: 30-23: 00
Rebroadcast: April 6th (Tuesday) From every Tuesday 19:00 to 19:30
MBS: From Thursday, April 8 Every Thursday from 26:30 to 27:00
AT-X: From Monday, April 26, every Monday from 20:00 to 20:30
Repeat broadcast: From Wednesday, April 28, every Wednesday from 8:00 to 8:30
Repeat broadcast: From Friday, April 30, every Friday from 14:00 to 14:30

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Is ceramic art sober?
Himeno Toyokawa has moved to Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, the hometown of her mother, who died when she was young.
Himeno, who has decided to go to her mother’s mother’s school, is invited by her classmate, Mika Kuri, to go to a certain place together.
The destination is the ceramic art club!
For the first time, he learned that his mother was a legendary potter, and Himeno was drawn into the world of pottery.

The mood maker of the ceramic art club, Sanka Kuri.
Naoko Naruse, a unique girl who is always in the club room.
Toko Aoki, director of the ceramic art department, has a grandfather of a famous potter.

A bright and enjoyable ceramic life with unique friends!
A loose ceramic art story by high school girls who are fascinated by ceramic art!

Original: Planet / Nippon Animation
Director: Jun Kamiya
Series composition / Screenplay: Toshihisa Arakawa
Character design /
Animation director: Ayano Yoshioka Animation production: Nippon Animation
Cooperation: Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture / Tajimi City Tourism Association / ” ” Let’s Make a Mug Cup”
Production: Yaku Nara Mug Cup Production Committee

Himeno Toyokawa: Miumi Tanaka, Mika Kurizawa: Yu Serizawa, Naoko Naruse: Yuki Wakai, Toko Aoki: Rina Motoizumi, Yukie Tokigawa: Ako Mayama, Kishiro Toyokawa: Kaito Ishikawa, Mami Koizumi: Mana Ogawa, Muemon Shindo: Aya Uchida

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