When is K-drama ‘From Now On Showtime’ Episode 8 Releasing?

From now on showtime episode 8
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With the rapid increase in the graph of viewers’ ratings, the K-drama From Now On Showtime episode 8 is releasing soon. Fans no longer have to wait for the new episode, which is also airing soon on different OTT platforms. The series is attracting so many viewers with such fantastic acting and storyline. As we have seen in previous episodes, Advisor Choi tries to explain the details regarding the Full Moon murder to Seul Hae. Later she clears the misunderstanding with Cha Woong about her father’s murder. The following episodes will cover the love story between Cha Woong and Seul Hae, creating more viewers’ interest. 

We can discover that further, there will be more mystery, comedy, romance, and fantasy seen in the K-drama. So fans can wait for a few more days to see upcoming episodes released soon.

From Now On Showtime Episode 8

From now on showtime episode 8
Stills of From now on, showtime

The story of episode 8 of K-drama From Now on Showtime continues with lots of mystery and twists. With some romantic views of Cha Woong and Seul Hae, fans can expect to watch the evil spirit. The drama’s first half is about the magician Cha Woong who can see the ghosts. And also how he met with Seul Hae and then started working together on investigations. Fans love to watch the chemistry between the two of them a lot. Even they praise the performances of the cast so much.

Moreover, they can expect big twists coming ahead in the upcoming episodes. What will happen to the duo, and how will they overcome it? Let’s watch the next episode 8 to learn about all this.

Where to Watch Episode 8 of this Ongoing K-drama?

After watching some of these famous ongoing K-drama episodes, fans are very excited to see what happens next. The wait is over as episode 8 of ‘From Now On Showtime’ will be released soon on its original network MBC. The viewers can also watch its release on ViuTv and Rakuten Viki with subtitles in various languages. It is available on Viki in English, Hindi, French, Indonesian, etc. With almost 16 episodes, the series will be completed half after the next episode is released. So stay tuned on different OTT platforms to watch the latest episodes of your favorite K-drama.

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What To Expect from Episode 8 Of From Now On Showtime?

From now on showtime episode 8
Cr From now on, showtime

Ep 8 of K-drama ‘From now On Showtime’ is creating massive popularity with some underrated stars in the cast. Hopes increase the viewers as the new episodes are released weekly on weekends. Furthermore, we can expect to see the evil spirit harming Seul Hae as he discovers her strength in seeing the ghosts. It is also likely that the fates of Choi Gum, Cha Woong, and Seul Hae are related. The story is going with a rapid increase in the views and ratings. Fana is hoping to see such lovely dramas ahead in the future also. Although anything can happen early in the upcoming episodes, so watch it. 

What is the Release Date Of Episode 8?

Episode 8 of this ongoing K-drama will be released soon in the coming days. So fans don’t have to wait so long as it will be airing on the 15th of May. The viewers can see this drama on the different OTT platforms with subtitles for international viewers. The timing of episode 8 is 8:40 pm as per KST, 5:10 pm as per IST, 7:40 am in the USA, and 10:40 pm in Australia. International viewers can watch this drama anytime on some online websites like Kissassian and Dramacool, also with subtitles for free. 

This is all about the release date of episode 8 of K-drama From Now on Showtime. Stay tuned on theartistree to watch the latest updates on release dates and more of K-pop culture.