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Why Her? Season 2 Release Date

why her show 2

Wondering what is Why Her season 2 release date? You’re in the right place. Here we will discuss the show’s season 2 release date and more. But first, let’s learn what the show is about and why She is a South Korean drama released recently in 2022. Yes, another hit Korean drama. When you start to believe that the Korean industry is done for, they release a brand new drama that starts to do exceptionally well.

This Korean wave has cast a spell on various people who have become K-drama enthusiasts. We, too, will admit that these dramas are crazy fun. They don’t always have a fresh storyline, and most follow the same old romance, comedy theme, and slow-paced love. But the K-drama fans keep coming back just for that. They have found comfort in this repeated pattern and celebrate when something very different ever comes up.

One such drama is Why Her?, directed by Park Soo-jin. The show has a great cast as it stars actors like  Seo Hyun-jin,  Hwang In-youpHuh Joon-ho, and  Bae In-hyuk. Season one of the show premiered on SBS Tv on June 1. This slot has been taken by a new ongoing Korean series called Today’s Webtoon. Why her’s last episode was telecasted on July 23- before that, each episode would get released on slots every Friday and Saturday. Continue reading to learn about Why Her? Season 2 release date.

why her show 2

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Why Her? Season 2 Release Date

Before we dive into the show’s season 2, let’s discuss the show’s plot. This way, the viewers would get a recap before/if a season 2 breaths of air. The show revolves around Oh Soo-Jae, who is a female lawyer. That’s not it. She is the youngest employee and an official partner in TK Law Firm. TK Law Firm is the best and the most profitable firm in South Korea. She is exceptional, even the youngest worker, and loves to win cases. All her life, she has worked towards being successful and never giving up. An unexpected twist occurs when she is assigned a strange case, for which she has to work as an adjunct professor at Seojung University law school.

why her

There, she meets Gong Chan, who is a troubled student. He has a painful past, yet he would do anything to protect Soo-Jae as he gradually falls in love with her. Although, the CEO of TK Law Firm has his own immoral and unethical plans. Keep on reading to know Why Her? Season 2 release date.

Will There Be A Season 2?

The fans have been going crazy, asking and searching for any updates on the show’s season 2. Sadly, there hasn’t been any confirmation from the show’s makers or producers about a brand new season 2. Nothing is confirmed yet, as rumors about a season 2  have surfaced online. But, we cannot be certain till a piece of official news announces a second season.

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