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Meet The Members of K-Pop Sensation TWICE!

Twice Members

If you’ve heard of K-Pop, you’ve heard of it Twice. Arguably one of the world’s biggest and most popular girl groups Twice is more of a phenomenon than simply a K-Pop unit. Formed by one of the Big-3 entertainment companies, JYP Entertainment, they debuted in 2015. The 9-member girl group immediately impacted the third-generation K-Pop scene, quickly becoming an influential name in the industry.

If you plan to get into the group or want to get to know the members better, we’ve got you. Here’s a quick rundown on all the nine members of the world-famous girl group.

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Twice Jihyo

25-year-old Jihyo is the Leader and Main Vocalist of the group. She was chosen as the leader of Twice not by then-CEO Park Jinyoung but by the members through an anonymous voting system. Jihyo, originally known as Jisoo, had the longest pre-debut training period among all members. She was a trainee for about ten years.

Park Jihyo was also the subject of a dating scandal with idol-actor Kang Daniel. However, confirmation of their break-up a year after they started dating was announced by their respective companies.


Twice Nayeon

Im Na Yeon, more commonly known as Nayeon, is the oldest member. She is also one of the most popular faces of the group. She was originally supposed to debut as a member of 6mix, but the group got disbanded before their debut. Nayeon recently stepped into her solo career with the single hit POP! The song came out on June 24, 2022.

Even before the start of her solo career, Nayeon has ventured into several variety shows and appearances by herself. One of these included being the MC of the annual idols’ sports event ISAC during the 2018 Chuseok Special.


Twice Jeongyeon

Lead vocalist Yoo Jeong Yeon is currently 25 years old and is known by her stage name Jeongyeon. She is the daughter of the famous traditional Korean chef Yoo Chang Joon. Jeongyeon had initially failed the JYP audition when she was young. But in 2010, she tried again at both JYP and SM agencies. She got accepted by both, as talented as she is, but she chose to go with JYP.

Jeongyeon had to end up taking a break from group activities twice in recent years. This was due to the anxiety issues and panic attacks that the idol faced.


Twice Momo

One of the ‘foreigner-line’ members, Hirai Momo, is a Japanese group member. She takes the Main Dancer position and often switches between vocalist and rapper roles. It was confirmed that she dated SuperJunior’s Heechul for about a year before the two broke up.

Momo is 25 years old and joined JYP as a trainee ten years ago. Her journey towards Twice is a bit rocky, as she first auditioned in 2012 with her sister, who didn’t make it through. Even as Momo passed the auditions, she soon got eliminated. However, Park Jinyoung, recognizing her talent and skills, decided to add her to Twice.


Twice Sana

Momo’s fellow Japanese member, Minatozaki Sana, is the sub-vocalist of the group. She was born in Osaka, Japan, and was scouted while she was out shopping with friends. She became a trainee around the same time as Momo and joined the company in 2012. Sana has appeared in several music videos for other JYP groups and artists.

During a variety show, Sana went viral for her natural ‘aegyo’ (cutesy) personality. She is also known to be optimistic, although a bit clumsy. She is an extrovert and a good friend of (G)Idle’s Miyeon and Stray Kids’ Banchan.


Twice Mina

The third Japanese member, Mina joined JYP just a year prior to her debut. As a result, she had the shortest training period among all the members. She is trained in ballet and got scouted after performing a cover of a Girls Generation song. Like Jeongyeon, Mina was forced to take a short hiatus for the sake of her mental health. This happened back in July 2019, and the singer is well-recovered now.

Arguably one of the most underrated members of the crew, Mina tends to escape notice because of her exceptionally quiet and calm nature. However, she is also one of the most skilled members of Twice, taking up the position of the  Main Dancer.


Twice Dahyun

Kim Dahyun was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on May 28, 1998. The lead dancer of the team, Dahyun was already famous pre-debut due to a particular Eagle dance video that went viral in the country. She auditioned for and got accepted by all the Big 3 companies but joined JYP in 2012 and was a trainee for less than 3 years.

She is the youngest in her family and possesses a strange fear of animals. She also has an uncanny ability to spot cameras anywhere. In Korea, Dahyun is praised for her exceptionally fair skin and has received the nickname of ‘Tofu’ for the same. She was also the most popular among all her members during the Sixteen eras.


Twice Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung, originally called Son Chaeyoung, is the Main Rapper of Twice. She is 23 years old and is popular among fans for her bold looks and ‘Girl Crush’ concept. Her special collab stage at the JYP Nation brought attention to her for her smooth flow and style of rapping.

Chaeyoung is not the only celebrity in her family, as her younger brother is an aspiring model. She grew up with her grandmother, and her interests are centered around songwriting and drawing.


Twice Tzuyu

The youngest among all the members, Tzuyu owns Twice’s ‘maknae’ title. Tzuyu is Taiwanese as she was born and raised in Tainan. She has a particular affinity for Yoda, and one of her quirks includes a strikingly accurate impression of the character. She has been the Lead Dancer of the team since her discovery by JYP involved a performance at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in her home city in 2012.

Tzuyu is quite a social person and known to have other idol friends outside of the company. Those include (G)I-dle’s Shuhua, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, and CLC’s Elkie.

Well, that’s the nine members of Twice for you. Check out the rest of our K-Pop content on The Artistree!

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