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The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

The Queen’s Umbrella, also known as Under The Queen’s Umbrella, is an ongoing South Korean Period drama that premiered on 15th October 2022. It has a runtime of about 1 hr 10 min and has 16 episodes which are scheduled to be released every weekend until 4th December 2022. 

The Queen’s umbrella has an unconventional queen who deviates from the elegance and grace we usually associate with the noun, Queen. Im Hwa Ryeong, the Queen, is a hot-tempered woman troubled by her royal court responsibilities. Despite the bone-chilling palace politics, she manages to raise her troubled making Royal Children and prepares them to be the crown princes.

Queen's umbrella
Queen’s Umbrella

The historical dark comedy weekend drama has a star-studded cast with Kim Hye Soo as Queen Im Hwa Ryeong, Choi Won Young as King Lee Ho, and Kim Hae Sook as Queen Dowager. Along with them, there is a large cast, including the crown princes, royal court, and royal concubines. This drama, with a huge cast and intense royal politics, makes an exciting Joseon Dynasty period drama that you can binge on weekends. 

The Queen’s Umbrella Episode Recap

The previous episode takes off with the death of the crown prince. The palace is in a somber mood due to this, and they are all in mourning. In an attempt to find the murderer of the crown prince, Physician Kwon is tortured as the council believes that he is the one who poisoned the prince.

Meanwhile, in the court, much to the disdain of the king, the court decided to appoint another crown prince so that the place won’t be vacant. The king is reluctant to do that, and he wants to confirm that the death of his heir was murder before he properly appoints his son to that position. Hwa-Ryeon, on the other side, took up the challenge of preparing her children to bear the role of Crown Prince.

She herself was still in mourning and in a state of hysteria. When she finds out that the king is secretly investigating the poisoning of his son, she hopes for the issue to die down. To add some fuel to her worries, she finds out that the Court Lady Shin was questioned by the councilors in relation to the murder. This irritates her temper, and she warns the counselor that she is not going to keep calm and needs to be involved in this.

Queen's Umbrella stills
Queen’s Umbrella Stills

She quickly understands that the counselor is against her and is plotting her fall. The next scene reveals that it was  Consort Hwang who was ordered to poison the crown prince. Her intention was to depose the crown prince so she could get her son on the throne. Hwang suggests blackmailing Kwon to admit that he was behind the murder.

When Hwa Ryeong finds out the investigation is coming to an end, she immediately senses something is wrong and asks Court Lady Shin to keep an eye on the counselor. Meanwhile, Queen Dowager receives the news that Hwa Ryeong met with the deposed Queen Yoon, which makes her hatred for the Queen even worse. She threatens Hwa Ryeong to admit it. If not, she will expose her.

Meanwhile, she also gets into an argument with the counselor accusing him of poisoning. The king, for now, brings an end to this heated discussion. Towards the end of the episode, we saw the Queen discovering needle marks on her son’s thigh, revealing the fact that her son was being poisoned. 

Stills from queen's umbrella
Stills from Queen’s Umbrella

Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7 predictions 

The next episode will be as intense as the previous one. Queen Hwa Ryeong is in danger and poses a threat of deposition. Both the royal council and Queen dowager are plotting against her, so she needs to defend herself to survive in the palace. Physician Kwon’s secret is the one that could salvage the Queen’s reputation, but we have to wait and see how the situation will unfold.

Hwa Ryeong also has to deal with the knowledge that her son is being poisoned by the nursemaid. This gives her evidence, and it is a matter of time before we see how she uses this to protect her family from the danger that lures in the palace. 

Queen’s Umbrella release date and  streaming guide

Episode 7 of Queen’s Umbrella will be released on 5th November 2022 at 9.10 PM KST on tvN, and it is also streaming on Netflix. It is slowly picking its moment amongst international fans. This historical drama has everything you need in a historical drama.

As the Queen navigates through the turmoil that fell on her, we can only be a watcher and wait while the situation unfolds itself. Make sure to mark the date in your calendar, as you don’t want to get behind on this exciting drama. 

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