Is Nicki Minaj Really Married To Kenneth Petty? Everything You Need To Know

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj (Credits: Nicki Minaj's Instagram)

Nicki Minaj is a very famous rapper, singer, and songwriter who was born in Trinidad. She currently resides in the United States of America. There is an interesting fact about Minaj’s name that many people do not know about. Nicki Minaj is not her real name. Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. Nicki Minaj is her professional name.

Many people believe her to be the greatest female rapper of her entire generation. She also got the credit for bringing female rap back into the mainstream in the conventional entertainment business. She has sung and produced many rap albums and has gotten everyone’s attention through her work. But it is not only her work that attracts people from different parts of the world to her.

Nicki Minaj with Lil Baby in Do we have a problem
Nicki Minaj with Lil BABY (Credits: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram)

She has also been in the news for her accents and altered egos as well as her versatile musical skill and her flow in rapping. She has also been nominated for many different award shows and has also won many of them. She was even nominated for Grammy Awards 10 times. Now that is some feat. That makes her one of the best rappers of our time.

Is Nicki Minaj Married to Kenneth Petty?

Kenneth Petty has worked in the music industry. He often uses the name ‘Kenny Petty’ in the music industry as his ally. But there is a dark past of Kenny, which has led many people to hate him and his life. And his haters have good reasons to continue to hate him.

Kenny is a registered sex offender. Yes, you read that right. He was charged with a case of attempting rape on a girl of only 16 years of age. He was also reported to have been using a knife or a cutting instrument to rape her. He was proven guilty and was sentenced to 18 to 54 months. He was imprisoned, and that has led him to become a registered sex offender in New York. This all happened in the month of April 1995.

Nicki Minaj with Kenneth Petty
Nicki Minaj with Kenneth Petty (Credits: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram)

Again in the year of 2006, he was charged with another criminal activity. He was reported to shoot and killed a man named Lamant Robinson. He was alleged to shoot him with a loaded handgun. Reports have said that Robinson was still alive after he was shot and told the authorities that Kenneth shot him. But shortly after his confession, Robinson dies, and Kenny is charged with second-degree murder.

But as he pleaded guilty in the Robinson murder case, he was charged with first-degree murder and was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment. After that, he was released on Parole in the month of May 2016.

He was also charged with many other criminal activities. Some of them can be described as crimes related to road rules. He was found driving a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driving license. He was also accused of not being able to stop at a ‘stop sign’ on the road and also driving an unlicensed vehicle on the road. This all happened in the month of September 2018.

Nicki Minaj with husband Kenneth Petty and son Papa Bear
Nicki Minaj with her family (Credits: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram)

Even after so many charges and allegations against Kenny, Nicki always defended and supported him. Whether it was in the online world or in the offline world, she always stood behind him. She also fought with several people on social media who have tried to demean Kenny. The report says that they tried to get their marriage license earlier but couldn’t get that due to some issues. They tried again later and finally got their marriage license in the month of June 2019.

Minaj confessed in an interview that she and Petty met a long time ago. They met for the first time when she didn’t become a celebrity yet. She also said that she was only 15 years of age when they met for the first time. As her real name is ‘Onika Tanya Maraj,’ Kenneth tattooed her first name ‘Onika’ on his right side neck. They have been married for three years as of 2022.

Nicki Minaj’s Dating History

Safaree Samuels and Nicki Minaj together
Safaree Samuels and Nicki Minaj together (Credits: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Before marrying Kenneth Petty, he was dating Safaree Samuels, who is also a rapper himself. They were dating each other and were in a relationship of 12 years. They had kept most of their relationship out of the public eye. But when the relationship was at its last stages, they both started to bring their relationship more into the public view. They ended their relationship officially in 2014.

It is also rumored that Nicki Minaj was also in a relationship with other superstar rappers, Drake and Eminem, but it was never officially proven. She was also in a relationship previously with Nas and Meek Mill, two other famous rappers from America.

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