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37 Movies Like Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes is most certainly Millie Bobby Brown’s best work after Stranger Things. The actress who played “Eleven” in the latter is now making her name as Sherlock Holmes’ little sister in the movie series Enola Holmes. The plot centers on Enola as she narrates the story of her life up to when her mother, Eudoria Holmes, suddenly leaves her behind one day.

Enola had grown under the guidance of her mother, who taught her daughter a wide range of useful skills that she believed she must know, not just emphasizing household chores. Enola grows up to be well-spoken, rebellious as well as skillful, all thanks to her mother.

When her mother goes away, Enola’s older brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, frown upon her decision to do so, for they believe she has given up her “inherent” duty by abandoning her household. Enola embarks on an unpredictable journey to find Eudoria while simultaneously avoiding getting caught by her brothers. Recently, the 2020 movie has got a sequel which is enthralling the fans.

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes is a misfit in a society that expects women to be submissive, quiet, and agreeable. We bring you forth a list of 37 Movies like Enola Holmes. Some of these have interesting female detective tropes; some have brave women in 18th and 19th century England; some portray major girl power, and a lot of them are detective movies you are going to be intrigued with.

1. Sherlock Holmes (2009)


This list naturally begins with movies revolving around Enola’s genius older brother Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock attempts to solve a series of crimes in London along with his friend and confidante, John Watson.

This movie shows Holmes trying to find Lord Blackwood so he can stop their evil plans from creating havoc in the city. Robert Downey Jr. performs excellently as Sherlock and does justice with this movie that uses the most basic elements of a Sherlock Holmes portrayal.

2. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

The next installment in the Sherlock Holmes movie series that stars Robert Downey Jr. is the “A Game of Shadows.” This is the part where Sherlock Holmes and John Watson encounter their worst enemy, Professor Moriarty. This movie is even more buggered on an action-packed scene than the first one. Holmes and Watson display wonderful companionship, as is expected of them.

3. A Simple Favour (2018)

A Simple Favour is a comedy and crime thriller. Stephanie, who is a single mother, leaves behind her son while attempting to investigate the disappearance of her friend Emily. The deeper she delves into her friend’s life, the more she finds herself trapped in the haunting past of her friend’s life.

The movie maintains a balance between being twisted and being funny here and there. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively perfectly portray the complicated friendship that the two women have. Emily’s sudden disappearance leaves a tail of troublesome moments and deceit. All left for Stephanie to deal with.

4. Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl is perhaps one of the twisting tales of a movie to come out in the last decade. This psychological crime thriller is about Amy, a woman whose marriage is highly dysfunctional. She eventually goes missing, which leads the media to believe that her husband is the one behind her murder and disappearance.

The movie is filled with such twists and turns that it truly puzzles the viewers. The film packs layers of deceit, manipulation, mystery, and suspense within itself. Rosamund Pike impresses in her role, and so does Ben Affleck, who is a great watch overall.

5. A Knight’s Tale (2001)

A Knight’s Tale stars the late Heath Ledger in a compelling period drama revolving around the theme of a hero who is to prove himself. The soundtrack of the film is also a very brilliant one, quite recommended. The movie also stars Paul Bettany and Alan Tudyk. The action sequences throughout the storyline make it worth the watch.

6. Wendell & Wild (2022)

Wendell & Wild is a great animation movie for when you are looking for some cool female characters in a mysterious and friendship-based drama. The story is about Kat, who is still trying to recover from the death of her parents, who met with a fatal accident.

She happens to come across two demons who promise to bring her parents back if she agrees to listen to them. In the process, she changes the town altogether and reveals a lot of truths about it.

7. Veronica Mars (2014)

Veronica Mars is a character who will most certainly understand the struggles of being a female sleuth as Enola does. Veronica is a retired detective who is now a law graduate. She happens to be back into her old ways when she suspects the handling of her previous partner’s murder accusations. The protagonist is a lot like Enola in being a brilliant woman detective that goes out of her way to solve mysteries.

8. Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out are one of the few movies on this list with a star-embellished cast. This modern-day recapturing of the classic “whodunit” begins when a patriarch of the Thrombey family does suicide. Someone else, however, believes that he is not a simple suicide.

Detective Blanc presides over the case and finds the entire Thrombey family, as well as the family’s caretaker, guilty of the happening. The actors have done a remarkable job throughout, and the plot always keeps the audience engaged. A sequel for the film called “Glass Onion” is also set to come out soon.

9. Searching (2018)

Searching is the story of a father, David Kim setting out to find his missing daughter using advanced technology. He, however, must hurry in doing so. He discovers important information from his daughter’s computer and mobile.

The unique approach adopted in the storytelling of this movie shows varying perspectives through the mode of smartphones and computers. This concept keeps the viewers guessing the next scenario and eventually also helps the father uncovers more about his daughter’s whereabouts.

10. Scooby-Doo (2002)

Scooby Doo does an excellent job of displaying the importance of powerful cooperation when it comes to solving mysteries. This live-action movie starts differently than the animated ones, where the characters experience fallout amongst themselves.

They are united soon enough after being invited to a Spooky Island to investigate some strange circumstances. The excellent teamwork displayed by the characters in piecing together the puzzles presented before they put this movie near the top in this movie.

11. Detective Pikachu (2019)

Just as Enola attempts to find her missing mother, a similar storyline is followed in Detective Pikachu as well. The plot follows Tim Goodman, who resides in the Pokemon world and wishes to be a trainer someday.

One day he stumbles upon certain clues that his father, who has been previously pronounced dead in a car crash, is very much alive. Tim utilizes the help of Pikachu to find out how circumstances unfolded with his father when he met with the accident.

This movie is highly Pokemon-themed and a wonderful animation film at that. Pokemon fans have applauded this work for its inclusion of the anime’s several themes within. We also get to see Lucy and Psyduck teaming up with Tim and Pikachu to solve the case of a missing person.

12. Little Women (2019)

Little Women comes from the widely loved novel by Louisa May Alcott of the same name. It is not a mystery, thriller, or crime-based film but a period drama mostly concerned with women of older times and their progressive minds.

A character in Little Women called Jo March shares bears a resemblance to Enola in being the same rebellious and brave Girl who goes beyond the stereotypes of a woman in her times, going so far as t becomes an independent working woman.

Each of the four sisters portrayed in the film has their own struggles and displays a different form of pressure that is felt by a woman. The movie also has a stunning cast, involving Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan, and Emma Watson.

13. The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys shows the partnership of an enforcer and a private investigator (played by Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe) as their paths cross while the investigation of a woman’s disappearance and a porn star’s death takes place. As they go around tracking Amelia, the situation worsens as a lot of different people die under mysterious circumstances.

The storyline of the movie is far more mature than Enola Holmes but still follows the trope of a missing person. The duo maintains good comic timing and subtle seriousness throughout the movie, which makes it an interesting plot. There is also a hint of action here and there that you will enjoy.

14. Nancy Drew (2007)

If you are looking for a female detective-centric movie, the 2007 movie Nancy Drew may be the right choice. It is based on a series of books of the same name. Emma Robert plays an able Detective, Nancy, who is trying to fit into the life of a normal New York City high school teenager. Just while she is trying to do so, a movie star dies.

Nancy is not able to withhold herself and takes the matter into her own hands so as to uncover the mystery of the death. Enola and Nancy share the same keen and sharp mind that always compels them to uncover truths. Similarly, the two are also very skilled at being young sleuths.

15. The Pink Panther (2006)

If you wish to experience wit combined with mystery, just like in Enola Holmes, you will find The Pink Panther quite interesting. This is a reboot that revolves around inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) while he tries to solve a murder and theft case. The film also stars Beyonce, so all the more reason to check it out.

16. Becoming Jane (2007)

This article moves to more female-centric films with the biographical account of the life of Jane Austen, a wonderful author of not just her own but also of times much farther than hers. The movie is a beautiful, tragic and breathtaking view into the life of Jane as a young woman, played by Anne Hathaway.

She is an aspiring writer who is being pestered to marriage by her parents. She eventually finds herself in love with Thomas (James McAvoy). The experience she had in love with this man formed the basis for her bestselling novel “Pride and Prejudice.” Anne Hathaway dedicated a lot of ties to fitting into Jane’s shoes as a woman in England at that time, which reflects in this beautiful portrayal.

17. National Treasure (2004)

An unexpected turn for the character in this movie takes place when they realize that in uncovering a national treasure, they are also stealing the Declaration of Independence! National Treasure is considered one o the best mystery-based movies of all time and will always keep you guessing for more when you first watch it. Watch Nicholas Cage and Diana Kruger go on an action-driven adventure in this impressive puzzle-solving film.

18. Game Night (2018)

Game Night is an interesting story about a group of friends who start playing a crime and mystery board game. Unfortunately, things go downhill as the game becomes real and real lives are at stake. The characters find themselves in a state of turmoil as they struggle to navigate a way through the game’s situations that have manifested into a reality. The movie keeps the element of comedy throughout the runtime, keeping the audience engrossed in it.

19. Ocean’s 8 (2018)

In mentioning movies that exceptionally capture the essence of effective cooperation between women and their overall power, it is very important to talk of Ocean’s 8. The film also dons a detective genre. This movie is a spin-off of the famous movie “Ocean’s 11”, which had a stunning all-male cast.

But this time, Sandra Bullock, who is Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney) sister Debbie Ocean puts together a team of brilliant women. All this is for the grand purpose of pulling off a heist greater than life. With high stakes and greater risk involved, the movie impresses a lot. The plot runs smoothly. The characters help you sympathize with them so much, even when they are actual criminals.

20. Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

Agatha Christie maintains the same wonderful sense of thrill and suspense in all her works. Murder on the Orient Express is one of her best works in crime and mystery thrillers. Christie herself has approved of only one adaption so far, and that is 1974 one. The film, of course, embodies the classic whodunit trope.

It has big names like Sean Connery, Vanessa Redgrave, Albert Finney, Michael York, Anthony Perkins, and Ingrid Bergman. The movie revolves around Poirot, whose train is passing through the mountains of Yugoslavia. Just then, there is a murder on the train. He must attempt to solve the case on his own since he cannot contact the police. The ending is one of the best and most surprising twists even today.

20. The Mask of Zorro (1998)

The Mask of Zorro is also a drama set in the 19th century. The movie is about Zorro (Antonio Banderas), who helps in assisting Don Diego De La Vega (Anthony Hopkins). They try to find the latter’s daughter while also avenging the death of the wife of the same. There is also an underlying subplot of romance you will like if you find the romantic undertones between Tewkesbury and Enola. There is also a good amount of sword fighting you will enjoy.

21. The Favourite (2018)

The Favourite is a highly personal and intricate account of Queen Anne of England (played by Olivia Coleman) during her reign. She happens to fall sick when her close aide Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) goes out to look after important political matters.

It is later revealed that the two had been involved in a closer physical relationship that is hidden from the outer world. This film digs into what is not proven as historical truth and draws outside of the line when it comes to narrating a historical account.

Things start to change when Sarah’s cousin Abigail (Emma Stone) becomes a servant under the Queen. Abigail has the urge to be of higher use to the Queen so she can go up in the ranks and not just be a bottom-rung maid. She soon figures out the appetites of the Queen and replaces Sarah while she is away.

23. Emily (2022)

Mentioning the great female authors of old England and not bringing forth one of the Bronte sisters will be true injustice. Emily is a biographical movie about the life of Emily Bronte. Emma Mackey does wonderfully in period pieces and in the way she immerses into character.

The movie tells of a possible love affair between Emily and William Weightman and also of the lives of the three sisters. The film was shot in the Yorkshire Moors, where the gothic and seemingly dark plot unfolds. “Emily’s bedroom faced a graveyard. You cannot escape that sort of landscape”, said Emma Mackey in an interview.

24. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Pride and Prejudice actually need to be on this list if a Jane Austen biography is, for the latter’s mind reflects so truly upon her works. Pride and Prejudice are said to be based on the romantic endeavor she herself had when she was younger.

The protagonist is a fierce young woman living in 18th century England, Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley), whose parents (much like Jane’s parents) try to marry her off to wealthy suitors so she can raise the family’s social standing. Elizabeth, however, does not think according to the expected norm of women of her time, a trait that is a lot seen in Enola.

She does not feel there is any rush for her to get married and is a free-thinking woman. She believes that “only the deepest love can convince me into Holy Matrimony, which is why I will an old maid,” reflecting her higher standards and independent thinking than the people of her time, who would rather marry for wealth.

25. Clue (1985)

Another movie that revolves around a board game but is several times better at that is Clue. This movie is, in fact, an adaptation of a board game. It being actually good is its one-in-a-million times’ advantage. This excellent movie is a dark comedy that has a lively cast from the 80s; Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and Madeleine Kahn.

The characters are created faithfully in accordance with the board game- Ms. Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, and Professor Plum. The elements and the weapons are the same as seen in the game itself. Today, people watching the movie from home can view all three possible endings of the movie.

26. See How They Run (2022)

This movie follows the tradition of a classic Agatha Christie fashion of solving a mystery. There are British themes and a good cast, including Saoirse Ronan. This is another classic but subtle whodunit you will enjoy. The plot unfold is a very Agatha Christie fictional format, so all good about that.

The movie uses up its female presence to provide a better undertone to the story. Other stars in the movie are Sam Rockwell, Ruth Wilson, and Adrien Brody. Since the movie very much resembles a classic plot, it is a worthy watch.

27. The Shadow in the North (2007)

A Sally Lockhart mention is important in the list of female detectives who are empathetic and brilliant, working on mysterious cases. The Shadow in the North is just that. It follows Sally Lockhart as she tries to rectify the situation when an elderly person loses all their fortune in an investment.

She goes out of her way to help this person and displays excellent sleuth abilities. She uncovers mysteries greater than she thought and worked through them. The plot is rich and set in Victorian England. Sally Lockhart’s charm is enough to impress the audiences and makes this movie series a must-watch if you liked Enola Holmes.

28. The Ruby in the Smoke (2006)

Another installment in the Sally Lockhart mysteries is Ruby in the Smoke, which was released in 2006. In this movie, Sally Lockhart receives a letter from an anonymous person who sends her on a mysterious quest. With the recent demise of her father, living with her elderly aunt has made her feel suffocated. Due to this, she moves in with her new friends, a photographer, and her sister.

This Victorian English period mystery and drama movie shares a lot of elements with Enola Holmes in the sense of a female detective, female protagonist, and of course, major sleuth themes. Follow Sally as she uncovers deeper mysteries upon her quest set to her by someone unknown.

29. Evil under the Sun (1982)

This movie’s tagline reads, “holiday can be murder!” which gives away a lot of the plot, but then again, not really. This mystery drama is set in the early 20th century and follows Hercule Poirot as he uncovers a death and the mystery behind it.

He had formerly come to the island resort were rich and famous people came to figure out how a millionaire person ended up with a phony diamond. In the process, a murder has been committed, and Hercule must find an answer to the overlying question of whodunit.

The detective works his way through the limited clues and the people to uncover the mystery. The movie makes for an interesting drama watch for when you are in the mood for some quality detective films.

30. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Here is a dark adventure and fantasy film called Pan’s Labyrinth, with its very own ominous themes. The film is set in Spain in 1944, several years after the Spanish Civil War. It follows ten-year-old Ofelia, who goes on a journey with her sick and pregnant mother in order to meet her new stepfather.

When she arrives at her destination, circumstances unfold such that a lot of fantasy-stricken elements inject themselves into her reality, and she has to begin a quest throughout the underworld. Pan’s Labyrinth, when compared to Enola Holmes, is much more violent and darker. Both of them hold a great similarity in having strong and brave female protagonists who go all out in order to protect their families.

31. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (2020)

This intriguing movie came out quite recently and had several matching elements to Enola Holmes. This Australian movie is quite underrated. The feminist, psychological and captivating themes really get to you, making Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears a must-watch. The plot is majorly a treasure hunt where the protagonist sets out on an international adventure to find the missing treasure.

On the way, she solves murders and, of course, breaks aviation records. The movie finds itself full of mind games and a lot of investigation. The timeline of the plot is mainly the early 20th century. Fans of Enola Holmes will most certainly like the more mature themes and protagonist of Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears.

32. Crooked House (2017)

Crooked House is a rather interesting film with grasping and enigmatic themes and tones. Set in the late 1950s, the movie is a suspenseful mystery that will truly intrigue you. It follows a private investigator as she looks into the murder of her wealthy grandfather, who lived in a huge estate and with his peculiar constitution of a family.

This is also a classic case of a whodunit immersed in great mystery. With themes of potential poisoning and last will testament, this movie exploits fitting themes of the timeline that it is set in. In its runtime of 115 minutes, this British-American movie hits the spot with good pacing as well as casting.

33. Suffragette (2015)

Suffragette is a powerful movie about the struggle and movement behind achieving the right to vote for women in 20th-century England. Eudoria Holmes was part of an activist movement, and if that intrigued you, you are sure to like the non-fictional take on an actual women’s movement. The activists involved in this movement did all to achieve their means, be it bombings or hunger strikes.

They tried it all. This also is very similar to Eudoria’s’ activism. Helena Bonham Carter plays a major role in both of these films, doing justice both as Eudoria and a vocal feminist, respectively. The main theme that has been brought to light by the movie is that of equal rights, a very important issue.

34. Emma (2020)

Emma is another of Jane Austen’s brilliant works. The movie is about Emma, a well-spoken woman who is all about being the matchmaker for her friends, for she just trusts her judgment that much. In the process, Emma also gives out a strong charisma of being an independent thinker and a person with a judgment of her own.

While she is playing a self-proclaimed matchmaker for her friends, she also makes mistakes. This makes her realize a potential love interest for her that has been there all along. Most prominently, Emma is strong-willed, which is not considered “likely” in a woman of her time.

Emma’s character development and a showcase of opinions throughout the movie are indubitably the results of Jane’s smart mind. A female character you will most certainly find similar to Enola Holmes.

35. Paper Towns (2015)

Paper Towns has been adapted from the John Green book of the same name. The movie shows Margo (Cara Delevingne), a high school student who runs away from home one day. Quentin (Nat Wolff), who was her best friend, tries to find her out and sets out on a tireless endeavor to do so.

He looks back fondly on the “adventures” they have had together and the kind of influence she has had on him during that time. He means to find her and tell her that he is madly in love with her. This film maintains a sense of mystery and is a great coming-of-age movie. The concept of the pursuit of a missing person is a resemblance that it shares with Enola Holmes, who also goes out looking for her mother.

36. The Moonstone (1996)

The Moonstone is based on Wilkie Collin’s classic mystery novel, which was the first detective novel ever written in history. Greg Wise and Keeley Hawes are part of this mystery drama that revolves around the Moonstone itself, which is a sacred Hindu Diamond. When it is stolen, the theft must be investigated, and the culprit must be put to justice. The plot is also set in Victorian England, having rich and classic imagery.

37. Frida (2002)

Frida is a biographical drama movie about Frida Kahlo, who was a brilliant woman in art and still is to this day. Salma Hayek plays Frida Kahlo in this visually stunning portrait of the artist. The film is set in Mexico in the 1920s when a tragic bus accident that Frida met affected her life and, of course, her art. Her art was also greatly influenced by her rather unconventional marriage to the famous artist Diego Rivera.

Enola and Frida share the same charm of free thinking and an unbound woman that does not blindly follow the restraint and norms of society. Frida’s complex but intricate thinking was portrayed in the kind of art she made, which was exceptional on its own.

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