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The Killer in The Joy Ride Series and What Makes Him Worth Watching – Rusty Nail’s Character Throughout The Series

The murderous character of Rusty Nail makes Joy Ride worth watching.
Rusty Nail (Credit: The Horror Club)

The Joy Ride movie series is one of the most popular series of all time and had its first movie released in the year 2001. Since then, two more movies have been made in this series, looking at its popularity and acceptance.

The last movie in this series was released in 2014. This thriller horror movie had Rusty Nail as its antagonist, who became extremely popular since his first appearance. Let us know more about his character in the series!

Rusty Nail – A sadist and a hypocrite

Although Rusty Nail wasn’t as heavily built as one might expect a villain to be, he was still strong enough to be immensely fierce and energetic most of the time. Smoking frequently, he loved to torture his victims. This sadistic behavior of his didn’t make a single victim, but many in all three movies.

He drives a truck and has extremely aggressive behavior and weird psychological responses. Whenever he targets a victim, he tortures them in his farmhouse in different ways. His character seems to make his first dramatic move when two brothers play a prank on him.

Lewis and Fuller, the two brothers, didn’t know what mess they had gotten themselves into until when Rusty got furious and tore off Lewis’s lower jaw, who dressed up as a woman with the name ‘Candy Cane.’

One thing about Rusty was that he always used to cover his face, and because of this, no one had seen him. None of his victims had seen his face, even when he was torturing them.

However, in Joy Ride 3, the makers of the trilogy decided to bring on the screen his complete appearance. Found saying that – ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right,’ Rusty doesn’t seem to be following it himself in his own life, making him a huge hypocrite.

The three movies with Rusty and the response they received

The three movies of the trilogy had a great response from the audience who loved the series for their jump-scares and nail-biting suspense.

Although some characters and the storyline varied in all three movies, the antagonist – Rusty Nail, remained the same throughout. He drove the same model of truck throughout the series – Black Peterbilt.

His different ways of tormenting his victims made the audience scared and engaged at the same time. The storyline wasn’t stretchy, which proved as another plus point when it came to public acceptance and response. Rusty’s character is dark, and he is shown to be extremely short-tempered.

He was a sharp stalker and didn’t let his victims get a whiff of the situation. One instance was that he even got into the back compartment of the car without being noticed when the owners of the car were just a small distance away.

How do you find Rusty’s character? Is he too dark or too scary? Or just a psychologically disturbed person with emotional issues. Whatever the answer is, he really made the series worth watching and interesting enough for the makers to make a trilogy out of it.

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