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Sakamoto Days Chapter 69 Release Date And Where To Read?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 69
CC: Sakamoto days Franchise

The gag manga has been serious for quite a while now, and in a good way. It won’t be the first gag story that has taken a serious turn and ended up becoming better. Great manga hits like Gintama and Katekyo Hitman Reborn were gag manga turned to action with great success. In the upcoming Sakamoto Days Chapter 69, the story will maintain its serious tune and forward. The chapter that followed up to this point focused extensively on building up for JCC and foreshadowing X. For the last few chapters, Sakamoto has been learning about the scenes in everyone involved, and he learned of his other classmate from his training days.

Shin and Lu, with other recruits, are having a hard time dealing with the recruiter. For starters, their strengths are of no use here as the recruiter is a replica that is being piloted through VR from distance. Due to the nature of the recruiter’s thing, Shin can’t read what is going on in the enemy’s head. And one of the test-takers (Kaji) can hear people’s heartbeats, but likewise, Shin can’t make use of his skills. As the fight goes on, Kaji comes up with a plan.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 69

CC: Sakamoto Days Franchise

Sakamoto Days Chapter 69

With Lu and Mafuyu on their last legs, it is up to Shin and Kaji to do something about it in the coming pages of Sakamoto Days Chapter 69. Kaji has been pensive all along in the whole fight against the special recruit. Shinaya isn’t that impressed by the performance of the test takers, suggesting they are better off without them to Kashima. Kashima, a human cyborg with a reindeer head, reminds him of their boss’s saying, human resource is their greatest asset. What we will see in the coming pages is what Kaji’s plan is and how the test takers’ defeat could defeat Kashima.

On Sakomoto’s side, he has to face Akira regarding the whereabouts of Rion. Rion being an old friend of Sakamoto and his developed sense of concern for those around will take the story in two ways. He will enlist her details to Akira and will be requested to help. Another way is he gives the detail but they bring about a mystery to her circumstances, making him team up with Akira to find her.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 69

CC: Sakamoto Days Franchise

What is the release date of  Sakamoto Days Chapter 69?

Author Yuto Suzuki is consistent in releasing the chapters manga. He has had a fixed schedule since the inception of the manga and is hardly late in releasing chapters. Since the inception of manga back in November 2020, the author has worked with the gag manga almost every day. Sakamoto Days chapter 69 will release on May 9th, in the Shonen Jump magazine. It will also be available online simultaneously on online websites for the international audience.

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Where to Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 69?

Sakamoto Days’ new chapters can be read officially at Viz Media and Manga Plus. Manga plus is a Shueisha-owned mobile app that releases manga featured in their magazine worldwide. Shueisha also publishes Shonen Jump where One Piece and many popular titles have been published. Manga plus provides its service worldwide except for Japan, China, and South Korea. They had their services before Manga Plus came into existence.

Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days manga is centered around Taro Sakomoto, a Hitman turned husband. Taro Sakamoto used to be the best hitman in his days, everyone feared and respected him. One day the unprecedented happened Sakamoto went to a convenience store and fell in love. Shortly after he left the mafia, he got married, and had a daughter named Hana. As he starts adjusting to his daily life, he starts to gain weight, but his skill remained in top shape. Now, he runs a convenience store with his wife and his mind-reading assistant from his hitman days. But nobody can escape the mafia, not even the top dog. The grudges of the past are on the lookout for him and disturb his everyday life. Sakamoto with his assistant will do everything in their power to maintain the peaceful days.
Yuto Suzuki is the creator of the series. He is the writer and main illustrator of the manga, it gets published in Shueisha every week.

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