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One Piece Episode 1017 Release Date And Where To Watch?

one piece episode 1017
CC: one piece Franchise

There was a lot of fighting that took place in episode 1016. However, all of it pales compared to what One Piece Episode 1017 has to offer. The critical takeaway from the last episode was how far our characters have come and where they stand against Kaido and Big Mom. The odds are neither null nor in their wrong, but what’s a fight without tension? Luffy, Law, Kid, Killer, and Zolo make their small groups and go against Kaido. Luffy with other captains while Zoro teams up with Killer. Meanwhile, Sanji is still stuck with Black Maria, trying to win a fight without hurting her. 

One Piece Episode 1017

CC: One Piece Franchise

One Piece Episode 1017 

One Piece Episode 1017, titled “The Battle of the Monsters! The Three Stubborn Captains!” will see Luffy, Law, Zolo, Kid, and Killer against the two emperors of the seas to their full extent. The manga chapter it could cover may range from chapters 1001 to 1003. Those chapters were full-on fights with little to no interruption in the story. As soon as Luffy, Kid, and Law land a hit on Kaido, he transforms into a generous dragon, reminiscent of Shenron. The fight doesn’t go in their favor from that point forward; Big Mom also starts hitting hard. After Kaido has transformed into a dragon Luffy and the other captains, don’t slow down, but their efforts produce no result. Killer and Zoro go against Kaido right after. The killer is quickly subdued, but Zorro lands a significant hit on Kaido making Big mom and Kaido wary of him.

The fight drastically changes after that, and Big Mom takes out everyone in one hit after that with lightning. Luffy is made of rubber, lightning doesn’t do anything to him, and this is where the Episode might end. However, the way One Piece anime adapts the pages into visuals is stunning, and for that alone, the episode will be worth watching. 

One Piece Episode 1017

CC: One Piece Franchise

What is the release date of One Piece Episode 1017?

The time one Piece Episode 1017 streams will be different for different regions; you can decide which one will suit your time based on your time zone. Below is the release date and time at which one piece 1017 is made available to watch. 

  • Pacific Time: 6 PM PDT (May 15)
  • Eastern Time: 9 PM PDT (May 15)
  • Indian time: 6:30 PM IST (May 15)
  • British Time: 2 AM BST (May 15)
  • European Time: 3 AM CEST (May 15)
  • Philippine Time: 9 AM PHT (May 15)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 10 AM JST (May 15)
  • Australia Time: 10:30 AM ACST (May 15) 

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Where to watch One Piece Episode 1017?

The anime is on all the major OTT websites, so it doesn’t matter which platform you have subscribed to. You will be able to see the episode as soon as it streams. Do note that every region airs it at its own respective time, and the time for all the areas has been mentioned above. Below are the sites where you can watch One piece episode 1017. The websites below are up to date and have a good track record of watching shows on time. 

What is One Piece About?

One Piece started with Luffy eating demon fruit from the loot Shanks brought at home. After being saved by Shanks and inheriting his straw hat, Luffy decides to become someone like him. His adventure in the sea begins after the world’s most giant pirate reveals his Secret. He has hidden the world’s most significant treasure, One Piece, and many treasures in one place. His execution marked the great pirate age, with Luffy setting out independently. We see Luffy come across many people in his journey while a few go become part of his crew. He and his companions form the Straw hat pirate group. As the Straw hats ventures out to the sea, they make many friends and enemies while making their name.

Eiichiro Oda is the manga series creator; before the manga, he was an assistant artist for the highly acclaimed Dragon Ball Manga. One Piece is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and Published by Shueisha.


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