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Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Episode 6 Release Date And Where to Watch?

Shikimori's isn't just a cutoe Episode 6
CC: SHikimoari's isn't just a cute

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Episode 6 will continue the light-hearted comedy of Izumi, Shikimori, and their friends. Even if the story is episodic and there are fewer connection points, the story follows a cohesive plotline. In the last episode, we see Izumi and his friends going by the river to enjoy their holidays. While everyone is happy to be there, Izumi and Shu are elated because there is no rain. They prepared for the main thing they had come and prepare for BBQ. They went ahead and enjoyed the barbeque to their best. What surprises everyone is how for once, Izumi was reliable, he cooked food for everyone, and there was not a single accident that befell him. What’s more, his cooking was delicious. As the show moves forward, we learn that Shikimori can do anything but cook.

The remaining episode focused on them enjoying their time with the river. People are concerned; some may think that swimming right after eating would be wrong. But they didn’t swim, except Izumi, and he did it to save a girl who had gotten into trouble. After saving her, Izumi got a cramp and fell into the river.

Shikimori Isn't Just A Cutie Episode 6

CC: Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cutie Franchise

Shikimori Is Not Just A Cutie Episode 6 

While the events of the last episode taught us things like how good Izumi is at cooking and Shikimori isn’t. We also see Izumi being manly for once by putting his life on the line to save someone. He did get in trouble right after and was protected by Shikimori. But in the end, no great harm was done, and he came out unscathed. At the end of the episode, everyone is tired and sleeping on the train, taking them home. Shikimori wakes up and puts resting Izumi’s head on her shoulder. Shikimori Episode 6 will be centered around fireworks going by their name. It could be them playing Izumi and friends playing with them or a fireworks festival. If it is a firework festival, they are at the end of the month, and their summer vacation is over.

Shikimori Isn't Just A Cutie Episode 6

CC: Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cutie Franchise

What is the release date of Shikimori Is Not Just A Cutie Episode 6?

Shikimori episode 6 will be released on 15th May 2022 Sunday for Japan and Australia. For other regions, it will be available on Saturday 14th May. However, it will be available at different times in different areas. Refer to the time below to know when Episode 6 of Shikimori Is Not Just A Cutie will be available to watch in your area. 

  • Pacific Time: 11:15 PT (May 14)
  • Central Time: 13:15 CT (May 14)
  • Eastern Time: 14:15 ET (May 14)
  • British Time: 19:15 BST (May 14)
  •  Indian Time: 22:45 IST (May 14)
  • Japanese Time: 00:15 JST (May 15)
  • Australia Time: 01:15 ( May 15)

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Where to watch Shikimori Is Not Just A Cutie Episode 6?

 Shikimori episode 6 titled “Fireworks in the Middle of Summer” is available to stream at Crunchyroll. So far, it is the only OTT where you can officially watch the anime, but Netflix has a habit of adapting anime after they have fully streamed. Meanwhile, you can stream Shikimori episode 6 on Crunchyroll. You can also watch it on Muse Asia’s Youl. Shikimori Episode 6 will be available on ABC for japan and TV Asahi for japan.

What is “Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie” about?

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie follows the daily life of high school couple Izumi and Shikimori. Izumi is an introverted soft-spoken guy that is afflicted with misfortune, he gets hit by anything from anywhere. Shikimori is a highly athletic high school girl with a personality change now and then. Every time Izumi gets in trouble with Shikimori, she saves him from danger, minor or significant. She has a soft side and an aggressive, making everyone fallsTheir friends join these two friends in the daily life thrills of school life.

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie is created by Keigo Maki. She is the writer and leading illustrator of the manga. Studio Doga Koba adapted the series for anime. 

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